Spirit of Winter


This is part of Free Write Friday Prompt
In the spirit of Winter… Use one or more of the words to inspire your pen…
Winter berries, candles, ice crystals, snow flakes, seasonal, winter, holidays, Christmas, family, eating, religion, Santa Claus, reindeer, blizzard, snowstorm, peppermint, hot chocolate, gloves, scarf, boots, fireplace.


Winter holidays are approaching, the family is preparing for the best Christmas meal. Their gloves, scarf’s, boots, and wet clothes are in front of the fireplace decorated for the seasonal holidays. The candles are flickering, winter berries scattered around, the windows are forming ice crystals, and snow flakes falling as the blizzard sets in. The family starts eating as the little ones sits out the Hot Chocolate, peppermint, and tea they begin to tell stories of the real reason for Christmas, regardless of religion or other beliefs. Christmas is about Jesus, not Santa Claus or reindeer. They talk about the blizzard and the last snowstorm that roared in.




  This is part of Free Write Friday Prompt

Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Gratitude should be something we all take to heart.
Gratitude should be in your heart, mind, and soul.
Gratitude = Grateful/Thankful
Here is a list of my Thankfuls

Friends and family I will see Thanksgiving. The memories we will be making, and the time spent with love ones. Everyday I am thankful for the ability to get together with people I love, hear laughter, and share that contagious smile everyone always talks about.

Zumba, and all the girls that go. They can boost my motivation and I love it.

Everything I had to endure to get to the place I am today. If it wasn’t for the lows, I wouldn’t be the strong person I am today. Just always remember “This Too Shall Pass” and push forward, because there is always happiness somewhere, just open your eyes and look for it.

Thanksgiving Break! I get to spend all week with Jade and get to spend every evening with both of my loves.

All the “Moms” who helped me grow into the person I am today 🙂

Knowing what Love is

Everlasting love, and Jade saying, “You get the baby out now!?”

Modern day technology. I get to see our baby! ♥

My Hubby teaches our daughter about giving. She had about $50 in her piggy bank. she bought herself a toy and then got one for the Toys For Tots, and even put it in the box by herself.

Friends who will let you crash at their place

A car; a car that gets warm, protects me from storms, and gets me from Point A to Point B.

The military fighting for our freedom, and putting their lives in front of danger, just for me and you. Thank you Military, old and new. I am also thankful for being able to feel my lil bug move this morning.

All my family ♡

I can always count my blessings

Today, well not just today, but I am thankful for my friends. A lot of them have stuck by me through the years, even through hard times, and I still think they are just as dear to me. I am very thankful that I can call them my best friends and would even consider some of them as my family.

People understand the severity of Jade’s food allergies. I am also thankful that her Allergist wants to get more “detailed” information regarding her allergy, that way we will know fully, instead of taking precautions of something we have no clue about.

Walking by faith, not by sight.

Jade cares and helps take care of me when I don’t feel well.

Spend the evenings with my Pawpaw. I am so blessed that he is still here for us to enjoy, talk and share memories.

The friends, and family who has helped support us through this change of Lifestyle we had to overcome. If it wasn’t for yalls love, and understanding, I think I would be totally (not completely) lost in this journey with food allergies. I also know God can see us through and he has already.

My Husband, he is my rock, and he supports whatever decisions I make. He is my love, and he provides for us and I will always be truly thankful for him.


Do you have Gratitude!?


The Hobbit’s Tree

This is part of Free Write Friday Prompt

Her eyes looking at the opening of the tree, the rounded edges, the dark circle as the opening, the trunk not straight up and down, but swirling of sorts as it went high the sky, the branches long and thick, leaves as big as a sheet of paper. She walks slowly toward the tree, her eyes darting around, pulling in all the light, colors and her ears trapping the sounds. Her feet soft, and cold against the rocks below her, the smell of rain, not close enough to feel the mist, but the humidity was on the rise.
She stopped quickly about the second rock from the entrance, her eyes locking with his, “are you sure about this, how do I know you’re real? Do you live here?”, she asks him, her fingers outlining the bark on the tree. He grabs her hand as he holds her still, with one swift movement he steps one rock closer to the tree, the darkness of the entrance casting a shadow over his shoulder, he says, “For I am the one that lives here, why would I ever lie to you. You are a lot bigger than myself.”
She smirks as she looks down at him: his ears are pointed, his eyes bigger than any normal person, his hands are small, but aged, clothes smelt of mold and slightly hung off his shoulder, his hair danced in front of his face, the shade of an orange sunset. She sighs, “I can trust you?” He pulls her into the darkness of the entrance before he answered.
She tightens the grip of his hand, holding herself still, her eyes adjusting quickly to the light. The room is huge, candles darting up the walls, flames dancing shadows, mirrors scattered throughout, she steps to the side. She notices a piece of furniture with a picture frame sitting on top, picking up the picture she noticed the frame was probably handmade, branches as the trim, some kind of string at the ends, holding it together, wax melted at the corners, her eyes go back to the furniture, it wasn’t quite level, one leg longer than the others, her thumb brushes over the picture as her eyes go back toward the frame. “who is this”, she holds the picture out, but down a bit so he could see. He clears his throat, “Oh, well, that is my brother, he was a normal kid”

He talked about his brother for hours it seemed, his eyes lighting up as he remembered the memories of him. We never talked again after that day, the tree is no longer where I remember it, not even the rocks that led up to the entrance.




Walking barefoot to the edge of the rock
Looking down, second guessing
Jumping into the bluest of waters
Face covered with water, arms pulling back to the surface
Floating adrift to the shore
Looking back wanting more
Watching others taking turns
Hearing faint screams as they jump

This piece was written in response to a Free Write Friday prompt

Someone’s Home

This piece was written in response to a Free Write Friday prompt in which American author and poet Kellie Elmore asked us to write about a moment spent at someone else’s house and then to end with a line hat is seemingly unrelated to the rest.

The rooms are empty
The warmth of the air
Humid captures your breath as you stand there
Your eyes darting around
Dust covered all the shelves, even the walls
Walking farther into the house
Beds are made
Curtains are drawn
Sunlight peers in
but no laughter at all
Children toys thrown about
But no one was home, not even the mouse
Pictures of happiness hanging alone
Lights are out
A cow moos at dawn

Six Word Saturday

Spending time with Hubby, watching football

Yesterday, I got to spend all day with my husband. We laughed, and snuggled on the couch. We watched the game as we waited patiently for our team to warm up and give it their all. It was a nerve racking game, but I have been watching football all my life.
Even needed up over at Lisa’s house. I love spending time with her, catching up with what is going on. We laugh a lot when I am over there, and I will always remember that.

Today, we craved a pumpkin with Jade when she got home. She loved it! She even made sure Daddy put eyes, and teeth.. That is important!

Wednesday, My mom and I are taking Jade back to the library for story time.. We will see how that goes!

I hope you all had a wonderful, enjoyable weekend. I hope it was filled with a lot of laughs, and memories were made.

Thankful Thursday

My Thankfuls this week…

This week I am thankful for a lot of things.
I love spending time with my hubby even though he will be going back to swing shift in about 2 months, give or take.
I, also, love the times I have with my daughter.
Seeing her communication skills fly through the roof in just a year. I can not wait to see how far she can go.
The able to talk to my husband and talk about our future and what we want in life.
I am thankful for heaters, because in Georgia it feels like your toes will fall off at night. Georgia weather is so weird. 70s one day, then cold front moves through and its like waking up to being in Canada, lool just kidding but just saying.
Today it is nice and pretty outside, wear your swimsuit folks!
Tomorrow, You will need a scarf, snow boots, mittens, and an ice pick.
In 2 Days, Tornado Warnings, Rain… Flooding is possible
The weekend… Blizzard warnings in effect for your area.

LOL! That is just an example, that’s not happening right now, but it sure does feel like it!
What are you thankful this week?

Six Word Saturday

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We added another year, Happy Anniversary!

(a little bit white, but hey it’s a picture)

This week has been pretty good, and I have to say today has been amazing. My mom is keeping Jade for the night, and we got to celebrate our 6 year Anniversary.
We started the day off with dropping Jade off at my moms. After we got back to the car we had no idea what we wanted to do. Our first plans were to go to a Dirt Track Race, because that is how we met, but later figured out they didn’t have races this weekend. We ended up 40 minutes away from home where we adventured into lots of stores. We came back home with a New Alabama shirt and hubby a new Alabama hat 😀 This is exciting, well, we love football, haha! We came back home to watch the Alabama Game, which they WON! 52-7.. WOOHOO Roll Tide! 7-0 Undefeated (knock on wood).
Before the game we went to Crackel Barrel. I love that place! Their food is so good, and it is such a homey environment. After the game Hubby wanted to go to the movies, but I changed his mind.
Me: We can go to the movies any time, why not go to a haunted house?
Hubby: What am I going to get out of it? I don’t like Haunted Houses.
Me: Well, you can laugh at me!!

I could tell Hubby wanted to go see Real Steel, but he drove right past the movies and off to Ghost Town we went. I will have to say that I wasn’t scared, but I did jump at a few points, most of the stuff was predictable. Oh and plus!! There was this guy in front of us and he was like jumping back, screaming louder than I was. He had all of the group laughing, and of course, I was the only girl in the group so all the people pointed me out to “scare” me.

All in all, It has been awesome! We got to spend time together, and celebrate our Anniversary. I hope your Saturday has been a great one too!

Five Question Friday

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1. Do you prefer your ice cream in a bowl or in a cone?

In a cup, please, then bring me the cone!

2. What three things do you love the smell of?

– Laundry Detergent while in the dryer. The fragrance lingers through the air. Love it!
– The smell of Rain, which by the way we had 3 days of.
– Coffee brewing, or a coffee candle.. YUM

3. Gift-cards or no? (In regards of Gift giving…)

Personally. I like Gift cards. You can then buy what you want, and you don’t have to worry about getting something twice, or something you really didn’t need. I think Gift-cards is a great idea. People say that they don’t think it is the “right” thing to do, but what is “right” any more? This is a new day in age and I think we need to pick up our feet and move with it.
On another hand, I wouldn’t give gift cards all the time. I think Birthdays should be special, this is the time for that person and to show you are thinking about them on this precious day. Christmas, why not? Hand out Gift cards for the older crowd, or parents and buy toys for the children.

4.What sports did you play in high school if any and do you still play them?

Well, if playing a Clarinet is a sport then that’s what I did in high school. Do I still play them? Are you kidding me? lol!! Oh, well nooo. 6 or 7 years was enough of playing for me.

5. Were you in a band in high school? What instrument did you play?

Ha! I totally answered that in #4… I guess I get a cookie for predicting the future? (and no I really didn’t know what question #5 was before I answered #4. I answer one question at a time.. probably another thing I can add to my OCD collection.

What would your answers be? I hope your Friday is going great! I miss you guys, and I am trying to get back posting, slowly. Hugs and warm thoughts to you all.

Thankful Thursday

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Thankfuls this week…

  •  Medicine to ease pain
  • My daughter, her surprise tickles, and her laugh
  • My husband for helping me
  • Friends/Family’s understanding
  • Planning this 3-Day weekend
  • Adventures
  • Mommy and Daddy time, just for us

This week I am thankful not only for the things that I take for granted but for the things that we really forget about. I am thankful for the things I have, for there is more people who don’t have what I have, and dream just for one day have something that I take for granted. Today, it is not just about the joys, or laughter, but about the love that is everlasting and the time that I have with my friends and family that I will treasure forever.

What are you thankful for?

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