We’re Jumpin’ Topics 2012 Review


Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 59,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Thank you everyone who has commented, looked, and searched through my thoughts. I know I am not here a lot, but I want to personally thank every one of you who has followed, and helped encourage me along the way. You are truly one of kind, and again Thank You! May you all have a Blessed and Wonderful year in 2013!



1 Year Blogaversary

Oh my, it has been ONE year since I have started this journey (a few hours early but hey… I am celebrating early). I have grown so much in a year it is unreal.

In the beginning, I didn’t know where this would go, or where to begin really, but I did find out I am best at writing my thoughts out, not only does it help clear my head, but it often puts peace within my heart.

You guy have seen me go through phases with my Step-dad, Jade’s adventures, weight loss journey, death in the family, bugs in my bed, and learning to grow as a person.

Thank you for being here for me.

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Punctuations; I must!

Got these from Pinterest 🙂 Smiling Yet? I hope so.

People Watching

We pulled into the gas station. Hubby parked so he can pump gas on the left side, and that way he can just walk straight in the door and pay. I usually people watch while at a gas station. Well, this time there was actually something to watch, haha.
While Hubby went inside I noticed this guy walking in circles in the parking lot, maybe more like figure 8s combined with circles. He was puffing on a cigarette and keeping his head low. He wore a gray and white stripped shirt with gray cargo shorts with flip-flops. His hair was all shagged out, looked as though he hadn’t washed in a few days, and never brushed it, but who knows.
He continued to walk around, the same pattern, then the lady beside me stopped pumping her gas, she climbed in her SUV and flashed her lights at the guy. The guy then stopped walking his pattern and walked straight to the side of the building (the side of the store with no door). The lady pulls into the parking spot, which took her about 5 minutes to pull into. She pulled her SUV inch by inch to get into that parking place, finally when she was satisfied she parks it.
The lady gets out of her vehicle about 2-3 times before she finally just decides to turn her car off and get out for good. The guy approached her when she walked to the side of the building. He was still keeping his head low and pacing.
After they talked the lady leans against the corner of the building and lights her cigarette. The lady had a scarf around her neck, dark big sunglasses, and her pulled up into a pony tail. Now, it is almost 10 o’clock at night. Strange much? Even with the big sunglasses you can tell she is keeping an eye on the guy, who is now back doing his patterns in the parking lot. You can tell she is watching him because her head moves everywhere he goes, haha.
The guy finally stops behind a car and puts out his cigarette. The car beside him is pulling out, he is in between the car pulling out and the car that is parked. The guy backing out probably didn’t even see the guy standing there. The guy finally moved an inch away from the tires before they got run over.
After the car left the guy went into the store and out of the store about 3 times before we starting leaving.
Hubby gets into the car and says, “Don’t you find him suspicious?”
I simply said, “yeah, well, duh.”
Hubby, “kinda weird for the lady to be wearing black sunglasses in the pitch dark.”
Me, “Well, yeah, but who knows.”
Meanwhile, Hubby continues watching them as we leave.

Do you ever people watch while you are out?

Just Thinking A Little


I have wrote 200 things that I thought about, followed, challenges, and just regular ideas. I didn’t realize I have wrote so much, haha.


You guys are what make this blogging experience worth it!


Now We Know

I found this through StumbleUpon and just had to share it with all my readers too 🙂

Now We Know
(Click the link Above and Go Read it)

(there is language but it is amazing)
Axis of Awesome – 4 Four Chord Song

Six Word Saturday

Yikes, my list keeps getting bigger.

So, I have this DIY list that just keeps adding up, and I will get around to do every one of them! I just have to get all my supplies together to do it.

1) The purse – Redneck Princess taught us how she did it. Well, I just have to pick out an old T-shirt and that is just hard, lol!!! jkk I just need to kick myself and get it done! and of course, make Jade one too!!

2) I am wanting to paint my Entertainment Center, End Table, Bookcase and Coffee table a flat (mate) black, but I am scared it will peel off. I don’t know a lot about painting, so you have to start somewhere. I want to paint them black and get silver knobs 🙂 It will really bring out a lot of things including the black picture frames I already have hanging up in the house.
First, I know I will have to sand them down, then work on what paint to use. Any ideas??

3) Sanding Jades dresser down from fire engine red, and begin painting it white 🙂 Along with her bed, so they both will match.

4) Finding a picture frame/picture to make a chalk board.. I want a crackle dark red paint as the frame to bring out the dark red in most of my pictures throughout the house. (I just need to stop being picky)

5) Making or buying a black and white picture to go over our bed in the bedroom. Getting random black and white pictures to match but smaller to go on other walls in the same room.

6) Getting my flower beds done, and buying more bark. Oh, and of course more flowers, you can’t have too many 🙂

7) Building a circle where my hosta was, so we can pour cement. We are moving our table and chair down there.

8) Making Coasters 😮 with Tile and Cardstock 🙂

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Changed My Views

Google Image 30 days of Truth is about bringing out the best in yourself. Also, to let people see the “real” you through what you write. For thirty days I will write about myself, I will dig deep and I hope you can start this journey with me. 30 days of Truth; Are you ready!?

Day 17 – A book you’ve read that changed your views on something

Lurlene McDaniel
Not just one book has changed my views, but I have read almost all of them.

When my Mawmaw got diagnosed with cancer I spent much of time reading stories of people with cancer. I wanted to understand what she was going through. I wanted to be there for her just like the people in the book was there for their loved one.
One book I read was talking about a football player who had cancer. His girlfriend planted flowers on the football field, and she waited till spring to show them to him, when they bloomed.
That has stuck with me. It showed me that you need to live everyday like it is your last. If your family member has cancer, you need to reach out to them and give them hope for something. Do something for them, rather it is planting flowers, or taking them out somewhere. Do something for them, that they don’t know you are doing it or planning it. Show them you love them, but not telling them, but by showing.

Have you read a book that changed your views? or somehow touched you?

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CAN, do without Chu!

Google Image 30 days of Truth is about bringing out the best in yourself. Also, to let people see the “real” you through what you write. For thirty days I will write about myself, I will dig deep and I hope you can start this journey with me. 30 days of Truth; Are you ready!?

Day 16: Something or Someone you can live without.
Something I can live without or someone…

My something’s…
Drama: who needs it? Drama definitely doesn’t make my life better, and it sure as heck doesn’t make my life easier.
Sofa Drinks: high in sugar, and can cause you to be sick or worse if you already are.
Body Odor: When we sweat, how come we can’t smell good from the get go? Who likes the smell of rotten sweat? Ha-ha!
A well: as long as we have city/county water. Due to yesterday being a bad day, lightning hitting a tree (which caused our power to go out, 6 hours later they fix it), our telephone line (which is our DSL line) got snatched off the pole by the boom truck (which was the truck who fixed our power), and our well took all day to prime.

Someone I could live without…
This has to be one of the hardest questions, to say the least. Yes, it might say one or the other, but I think it is more of challenge to answer both, which always try to go the next mile.

I think I would have to say our president, at this point. I don’t really know whose side to be on, but I do see why a lot of people don’t like our president, but then again I don’t know enough about politics.

So, someone else I could live without…
I truly don’t know anyone I could live without. I have already removed most of the people who no longer need to “live” with me, within me, or in my brain. If I think I can do without them, then I just simply “delete” them from my life anyway.

If you could name something and someone you can live without, what or who would it be?

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Six Word Saturday

I can play on the Internet!

Haha! Ironic, how I did the post about I couldn’t live without the internet and then we get a storm and knock our power out…. UGHHHHH, then the boom truck from the power company gets tangled up in our telephone line and snatched it off the pole 😮 so, we didn’t have net then, haha!

But now we have internet 🙂 I survived, but boy, it was rough!

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