Reality, What!?

As you can see I am up at 2am with nothing other to do but write a post, haha! I just recently watched week 3 of Bachelorette, and is it just me or has this show got into more “scripting” guys/girls into a show? Where did the “real” part of dating in the “Real” word go?

Week 3 and this girl is already head over heels for a guy that left. He didn’t even like her to begin with, he just wanted a rose. How low is this? If I want a show to be “real” I would have got the producer, when they were filming and had this guy packed up and moved out as soon as it was said. I am just not into these shows anymore.

Another thing, Ashley’s personality, it is like she is lost? (yes, I am questioning that, because I can’t read her) She was so fun in the beginning with Brad Womack, but I don’t think she has found herself again. She just comes off as she doesn’t know what she wants in a guy, and not stable. She don’t really “flirt” with the men, she just seems to be in her own world. Am I the only one who sees that?

Bring me the Biggest Loser, at least it has sweat, and “realness” in it! Well, here is my rant of the Reality TV series, now off to bed I go!

Reasons Why I am Up so LATE
~ It is nice relaxing time without the kiddo.
~ It is peaceful when the only thing you have to worry about is yourself.
~All chores are done, so you can sit back in awe.
~Truly bored, and just watched an hour and half of “stupid” Bachelorette.
~Wrote a guest post for  Just Rambling… (keep looking out for my post) 🙂

I planted 4 ivy plants
Another bush
I laid out 2 bags of bark in my flower bed
Washed Dishes
Done 3 loads of clothes
Cooked Supper
Wrote 2 posts
Took Trash out
and done all the other Mommy-to-dos

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