Groundhog Day

So, I was sitting here writing my PostADay, just minding my own business, typing away, than my dogs outside start barking like mad dogs, my daughter is screaming at the window yelling at me, “WHATS THAT MOMMY!!!”

I drop what I do and I scoot on over to the window, look outside and there is an animal in my yard! This thing is chasing my cats, WHAT IN THE WORLD! I grab my camera and just wonder myself right on the porch. I watch him for a second, then realize there is a beaver in my yard!

I take the camera back in the house, grab my phone, my heart is racing through the roof, my hands are shaking, and I start calling Lisa! I am like panicking.

Lisa, “Get the water hose and squirt him!”
Me, “Lisa, I am NOT getting off this porch!”
Lisa is laughing
I start laughing
~The groundhog runs after the cat~
~I scream~ “OMGGGG!!!! He is chasing my cat!”
~Watching the little bugger, he is only about 5ft away from me, the water hose is like 15 ft away from me~
At this point the groundhog is walking around my flowers, and I walk to the edge of the porch~
Me, “Heyyyyy lil creature.”
~Groundhog walks closer to me~
Now lil stunt guy is beside the house, about 3 ft from me.
Me: “Lisa, I think it is going to go under the house!”
Lisa, “Well, Tell Savoy when he gets home.”

My cat doesn’t know what to think! (Either did I)
Around this tree is my next project 🙂 Another flower bed!

Well, I eventually called Hubby and well, he didn’t seem as surprised as me. I now have a groundhog under my house 😮 A groundhog that doesn’t seem to like my cats.

I had this post already in my draft box yesterday. It got so busy around the house that I didn’t have time to post 😦 I, however, thought the groundhog to be a beaver instead. It sure looked close to a beaver, and plus I have never seen a groundhog! ha! Yeah, hubby was amazed I have been sheltered from such.

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