Chicken Problems

Hubby has chickens… (looks around) I think it fits with the “we are in the country and have a zoo

Today, I woke up to the chickens laying ON my flowers! You know my project of doing flower beds, and now the chickens are making my flowers their bed, sigh. I got the water hose and watered my flowers, so maybe now they wont lay in mud, could chickens not like water?


Hubby decides it is a good idea to let the chickens roam free, which I think it is good too since the coop he built (nothing pretty) is too little for them now, who would have thought? When we was getting chickens I thought they would have a pretty coop like this…

From Google

Instead we have this…

I just wish that it was something that they could get in, and if we ever move it wouldn’t be an eye sore. It will be something that I would enjoy and it will fit into making the yard unique and pretty. Sorry Hubby, don’t mean to POP your bubble. Please don’t give me the eye, lol!

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