This week I have started a new way of cleaning. I wasn’t cleaning on the weekends when Hubby was home, because who would want to do that?

I knew I had to figure out a way that I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed. I would sit on the couch on Monday wondering where to start. I would try to bust out everything an hour before Hubby came home, because I knew then I had a time limit but then that became stressful.

While exploring Pinterest, I found a chore list, and Wow, it works! This is my first week starting it, so it has taken a lot longer than the 30 minutes, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel hallway. I can feel it working! Even my Hubby says “Wow, I might keep you for today.” ~laughs~

Another thing, I don’t feel like an overpowering Mom anymore. I let Jade pull out all the toys she wants, when I begin cleaning I make her put up her toys where they belong. If she spills hr dry cereal in the floor, I assist her with the vacuum.

If you start this way of cleaning – Don’t think it will just start working over night. The first week just worry about marking the stuff off the list as you do them, don’t worry about the time. You will see how easy it is to maintain in the first few days.

Happy Cleaning


Six Word Saturday

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I get to fold clothes today!

I spent most of the day yesterday just washing and drying clothes. The house is a wreck since I took yesterday off to rest an awful headache from allergies. So, today is folding and putting clothes up. Only thing I wish is it didn’t take 2 hours to dry 1 load of clothes, really puts a pinch in forgetting that there is clothes in the washer. If you ever have forgotten your clothes in the washer, you have to re-wash them.. ughhh the never ending cycle.

So, off to fold clothes, if you would like to help just let me know hahaha! I am hoping to get the rest of the house cleaned to.. If you miss 1 day around here it looks like a bomb went off, especially in the kitchen. ~sigh~

Happy Saturday everyone!! Next week Hubby starts a new schedule at work: Monday through Friday, ohhh yeah! No more swing shift till he gets done with school 🙂 I am so excited!

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Reality, What!?

As you can see I am up at 2am with nothing other to do but write a post, haha! I just recently watched week 3 of Bachelorette, and is it just me or has this show got into more “scripting” guys/girls into a show? Where did the “real” part of dating in the “Real” word go?

Week 3 and this girl is already head over heels for a guy that left. He didn’t even like her to begin with, he just wanted a rose. How low is this? If I want a show to be “real” I would have got the producer, when they were filming and had this guy packed up and moved out as soon as it was said. I am just not into these shows anymore.

Another thing, Ashley’s personality, it is like she is lost? (yes, I am questioning that, because I can’t read her) She was so fun in the beginning with Brad Womack, but I don’t think she has found herself again. She just comes off as she doesn’t know what she wants in a guy, and not stable. She don’t really “flirt” with the men, she just seems to be in her own world. Am I the only one who sees that?

Bring me the Biggest Loser, at least it has sweat, and “realness” in it! Well, here is my rant of the Reality TV series, now off to bed I go!

Reasons Why I am Up so LATE
~ It is nice relaxing time without the kiddo.
~ It is peaceful when the only thing you have to worry about is yourself.
~All chores are done, so you can sit back in awe.
~Truly bored, and just watched an hour and half of “stupid” Bachelorette.
~Wrote a guest post for  Just Rambling… (keep looking out for my post) 🙂

I planted 4 ivy plants
Another bush
I laid out 2 bags of bark in my flower bed
Washed Dishes
Done 3 loads of clothes
Cooked Supper
Wrote 2 posts
Took Trash out
and done all the other Mommy-to-dos

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Lazy Night

Due to hubby being home it has been a lazy day, well, kind of.

I got up this morning, commented on some blog posts, washed dishes (by hand), cooked lunch, cleaned a little, took a nap on the couch, helped hubby with supper, went riding around with no goal intended (hubby will be working for 2 days, so might as well get out of the house today), and so it has been a great Lazy Day 🙂

Google Image I did manage to cook up some squash!
– 3 to 4 med. Squash, cut into slices
– 3 Tbsp of low sodium butter (melted)
– add chicken bouillon cube till it is melted with butter
– add black pepper and salt to your liking
– pour over cut squash
– lay them out in a pan, evenly 🙂
– Cook till brown on each side and it’s done!

I am still in the “lazy” kind of mood I decided to give Ruth’s idea of listing “favorite posts” 🙂 I have been blogging a little over a month and half. It seems like forever ago, but sometimes it feels like yesterday! I have 23 subscribers, and gained a lot of “blogging friends” and for that I am grateful! Thanks to you guys, I would be just a normal fish out in the blogging sea.

Here is my favorite posts that I have done so far 🙂

A Date Night

Hubby and I ventured out yesterday (Friday). Before we went out I was working in my yard. Hubby kept telling me I need to hurry we have bad weather coming through. Well, BLAH! I wanted to get all this done, since I have more of my flowerbeds done, now I just need to get to weeding out grass. While I was planting some more monkey grass, hubby was helping with making the holes bigger, and dividing it up so I can just place it in the hole and cover it up. I got halfway done with my 22 holes and it starts thundering, the more times it thunders, the closer it gets. I was hurrying up, throwing the grass in the hole, getting dirt and placing it in there. I don’t think I have moved that fast in a long time. When I went to stand up, it felt like I was going to fall over. I don’t guess you need to be leaning over for too long, ha!
Anyway, we got half of them in Hubby ran Jade in, gave her a bath. As I walked to the house I could feel my phone falling from my boobs. UGH! My hands where full, a drink, wow I can’t even remember everything I had, hahaha! Yeah, so I stopped in the hallway and told hubby to save my phone. (I forgot I put my phone between my boobs). Hubby starts joking around about it and tossed my phone in his chair and took back off to help Jade in the tub. I got me something to eat (since I didn’t eat breakfast and I took my diet pill, not a good combo), filled up my drink, grabbed my phone and went outside to wait for them to get out of the bathroom so I can get my shower and get ready to go to the movies.
As I sat outside I looked at my phone, tried to turn it on, because it often just goes off by itself. I had no luck getting it to turn on. At this point I feel like everything isn’t going right. My phone is being stupid, my flowers are not all planted, and I still have to get a shower before the storm moves in. I watch the clouds and try to fix my phone, taking it apart, putting it back together, beating it, lol! I finally stood up to take it to hubby. While I stood up, the chair I was sitting in fell off the porch, due to a little gust of wind and my legs pushed it back since I stepped back before going forward.
I gave my phone to my hubby and he put my sim card in his phone, handed me his phone and tried to fix my phone. (No Luck with my phone, Hubby says it has gone loopy! and for good this time) Sigh.
I finally get a shower, get out. I don’t even flat iron my hair. As I was drying my hair the storm started. You could hear the wind howling, lightning popping and the thunder rolling. I got half of my hair dried when I went to look out the living room window, right in time to see the lightning hit in the yard. It was a nasty storm, you can see pictures of what it did to Life’s Little Slices garden since she just lives 5 miles from me.
We get to Lisa’s house; leave Jade and head on our way to see X-men. I have to say I liked the movie. It brought everything together from the other movies. Some parts were corny, but what movie now-a-days doesn’t have corny crap in it? It was definitely a lot of action, and it was really worth it for me. After the movie I ask hubby where were going to eat, and he takes me McDonald’s, so I super size it, LOL! JK!! He did take me to McDonald’s though.  Not much on my diet, but I did only eat half of the burger, and half of the fries. 🙂 So, I did pretty good.
How was your Friday or your week?

He’s not paying attention

In the mist of the day I told hubby on his way to work to pick up some fish sticks, ketchup, snack, and a movie. He would call me back ever so often and ask if we need this or need that, I would eventually tell him yes or no, or add another thing to the list.

Well, he gets home with like 6 bags of groceries.. I didn’t think he was going for food for the rest of the week. I just thought he could make a quick drop by and get what we needed for tonight, since he is off this coming week.

Anyway, he puts the movie on the counter, as I sit in the chair and we go back and forth about the movie.

Me: So, what is it?
Hubby: Well, You will like it, it has one of your fav Actors in it.
Me: okkkk, who?
~We are having the conversation as Jade is laughing, and hubby is washing something in the sink~
Hubby: Well, She is your favorite actor..
Me: Matthew? … (hints I didnt hear the her part) lol
Hubby: Her/Female Your Favorite as you state in your blog
~bells go off~
Me: Ohhhhhh!!! Jennifer…
Hubby: Yeahhh there you go LOL

So, tomorrow we will be watching Just Go With It

and just so maybe, Hubby does pay attention 😉

As my World Turns

My day was going well today.

It started out by cleaning, bedroom cleaned, 2 loads of clothes folded, more clothes in the washer and dryer, bathroom cleaned (shower, toilet, mirror, mopped, bedroom & hallway vacuumed. As I was going to put up the vacuum I called my daughter over to me, lowered the handle on the vacuum to show her it wont hurt her. Well let me tell you, she had nothing for it! She was jumping up and down, screaming, shaking her head no, her blood pressure got up and her scabbed knee started bleeding, bleeding enough it was rolling down her leg. I called hubby to come get her, to get her off the carpet. I never will let her touch the vacuum again. I just thought it would help, since she is so freaked out about it 😦 Maybe one day she will be okay.

As the day went on we went to get something to eat, went to the store to get breakfast stuff for tomorrow. We get home and Hubby leaves for school, it started to rain a little bit. I take Jades food in so she can eat it when she wants, and I go outside to make phone calls. Im on the porch talking away, then I started working in my new flowerbed that I am making. I am outside for an hour (and yes I have been talking to Jade through the AC window), I decided to go in for a bathroom break and plus the rain started coming down harder. I get to the door and turn the knob….

O M G! Jade has locked me out of the house! I start jiggling the knob and yelling for Jade to come open the door. Jade comes to the door, turns the knob, nothing happens because it is locked! This is the conversation…

Me: “Jade open the door!”
Jade: “But mommmmmmmy HOPEN THA DOOOOREEEEE”
Me: “Jade turn the knob, and open the door.”
~Jade turns the knob and starts knocking on the door~
Jade: “Mommmmyyyy me go OUTSIDE!”
Me: “Jade turn the button on the knob”
~Jade turns the knob and wiggling the door, knocks again~
Me: “Dang it Jade!!! UNLOCK THE DOOOR!”
~Hear the door click~ Jade opens the door
Jade: “I HOPPPPEN Dooorreee mommy, here you go”

Of course during all this.. I am doing the pee dance, and I have rain running down my face. When the door opens, I no longer have to pee (not bc I peed myself but because I was laughing so hard) Now, of course I am leaving a key outside on the porch!

As another hour passes I am talking to my friend Judy. It is still sprinkling outside, and I am standing at the door wondering if I should go outside to continue my conversation so Jade isnt hugging on my leg. I stand there, putting out my hand to open the door and then I see this white flash of light. I couldnt even see out the window of the door! I was in shock as the pop sounded throughout the house, lights go off. Hubby is still at school, my phone ended the call I was on, and Jade is screaming hanging on to my side. After realizing lightning hit either the house or close to it, I was shaking. I called Lisa’s husband (only person I thought in my head to call, since he was at the station). As I was waiting I called my friend to let her know I was okay that I just didnt have power. Shane got there to make sure nothing was smoking, which nothing was THANK GOD! but it did hit our transformer and it was getting so hot in the house. Hubby finally got home 45mins later. Now Im spending some time with Lisa on her birthday 😉

So thats my bad folks! WAAAAHHHHLA!

Waking up To Here We Go Looby Loo

This morning Jade came and woke me up. I rolled out of bed, yes rolled, like ever so slightly making my way to the other end of the king size bed, taking all the time I had in the world to lay my head down on the pillow close my eyes for 2 minutes sleep, then roll again. The type of roll that you drag out, you go in slow motion as you get to the end. You sit at the edge of the bed with your feet dangling to the floor, wiping your eyes, picking the sleep out of the corner of your eye, you stretch, you feel every muscle in your body move, your joints pop, and then you stand up. At this point Jade is standing in front of me saying, “Morning Mommy, I am hungry, I want cereal, cookies, milk, Mommy, I am hungry.”

As I begin my journey through the house I notice the refrigerator door is open, and not slightly cracked, but   completely fully open. I bet all the coldness from in that box is drifting through my house. There is no telling how long this door as been open, as I just woke up. I make my way to the kitchen, kicking toys out from under my feet, stepping on a musical book as Here We Go Looby Loo sings out behind me. I get to the refrigerator as I notice 8 slices of cheese have a bite out of them, 2 bologna’s are gone, but the red lining is lying on the shelf, and the milk is sitting on the counter.

I look at Jade and ask her if she done this, she starts laughing and saying, “but Mommy I’m hungry.I want milk in my cup.”  I ask her what she would like to eat, pointing to the boxes of cereal above the refrigerator, she starts jumping for joy as I point to the Pops cereal. I grab the box start making her cereal and she starts crying, throwing herself in the floor like I have murdered her cereal. I look at her and ask what is wrong and she just wants milk in her bowl, not the cereal, well not yet at least. I begin to tell her she can’t have just milk in her bowl, if she wants milk she has to drink it from the cup, but no, she wants the milk in the bowl so she can drink it from her bowl. 🙂 Oh how her Daddy has taught her well. Not that he just drinks milk from the bowl, but that she has caught on that you can drink from the bowl.

Jade runs and finds her cup from the strainer. She finds it and brings it to me, I fill it up, and then she brings me her bowl. Now she wants her cereal. At this point I am still groggy headed, as I am still in the sleepy state of mind. I pour her some cereal, and milk into the bowl and Jade darts off to the living room.  So, this is just the beginning of my morning, let’s see how the rest of the day turns out. I hope you have had a wonderful morning. A cheer to my mate’s; with my cup of fruit punch flavored water.

This Weekend; so far

It has been a clumpy weekend so far.

I went to the Doctor on Friday; got 5 meds I have to take, sometimes 2x a day.
I have allergy medicine to take at night, antibiotics for kidney infection take 2x a day, diet pill, nose spray (take 2x a day), and another one to treat another infection. It is like an ongoing thing. With taking all these at once I seem to be pretty out of it, not like sleepy, but my emotions are at the end. Everything is getting to me.

I worked in my landscaping project yesterday. While I was digging holes to plant my “monkey grass” I noticed the dirt was clumpy and rocky looking. I really didn’t pay attention till I had 15 holes dug and was already trying to plant my grass in the hole. I was sitting down trying to break up the clumpy pieces and it was like trying to break rocks. Husband looked me at me and he was like, “Nice going. You decided to put your flower bed in sandstone dirt.” Well, I continued to try to break up the pieces, trying to find the moisture clumps and failing at everything I grab. I gave up after it was taking me 10 minutes to plant one batch of grass. I walked away from it, seeing my project was draining away. It is at these times where you start asking yourself why everything you touch has to fall apart or never seem to work. I sat on the porch and thought about it over and over.

As I was sitting and thinking what I am going to do, Hubby walks by with the water hose. He looks at me and asks for me to cut the water on. I simply look at him and tell him no that I was resting. (Remember I have been working in my project. I went back forth about 12 times laying the grass at each hole. I got 2 of them in the holes took 10 minutes each, so I am resting).

Well, Hubby has starting getting smart with me and blah, blah, blah. I tried to tune out most of it, because it is the only thing I know to do sometimes. So, I am still sitting on the steps, looking at my landscaping wondering where I could get nicer dirt at. I need dirt that isn’t trying to form into rocks. I am looking away from hubby (he is watering the chickens). Next thing I know Hubby is now spraying me down with the water hose. UGHHH!! I got so mad. Now I have mud dripping off me, because I have been working in the dirt for awhile. I was so mad I was now in tears. I picked up my phone and walked off. I needed to cool off, gather my brain, and try again.

I went walking for awhile, about 30 minutes or so, give or take, or take and give. I got back to my project Hubby helped me put my grass in the holes, I covered them up, made sure all the hard clumps where out and we finally got it done. I stayed outside and watered my flowers as it got darker by night. It was so peaceful during that time; it was like I could think clearly and figure out what I had to do next.

So, my next thing is… is to get something to mix with the dirt so it won’t dry out so much.

Here in the south it is hard to find something that will help stay moisturized. You are looking at the temperature being in the high 90s, humid, and pollen counts through the roof. One idea is getting potting soil to mix with the dirt and then getting mulch to cover the top.

I still got some thinking to do, but I need to get outside and get my doors done. I shall return later. 🙂

We all need a good Hoe

I have been telling you guys about my projects I have been doing. I found my camera and finally got done hoeing the grass to make the shape of the landscaping. Now I am waiting on my mulch, and the plastic lining. I’m not done completely yet, but here are some pictures of my progress. Sorry I haven’t posted anything in awhile, but been busy with the outside, and spending time with hubby as much as I can.
On another thought. I hope my readers have had a wonderful weekend. I hope it wasn’t as hot where you are, as it was here. It was so hot here you could have wringed me out and hung me on the clothesline to dry.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did most of this by myself 🙂 WOOHOO!! A garden hoe, shovel, and a rake. Who says a woman can’t do things?

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