Name Reveal

So, I am awake bright an early, even before the chickens, or so it seems.
I have a head cold, and can’t sleep very well, right now I will blame our hot room for that.

Anyway, yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and found the rest of the letters for our baby boy’s name. I am so excited because the name fits in perfectly with our family, and it has meaning, not only due to colors, but because of other reasons 😉

The name list Hubby decided on was:
Grayson … and well,

Grayson Savoy Bearden due April 13th.
Thank you for the ones voting in the Name Reveal, and held out till Hubby could make up his mind.


17 Weeks

Wow, this week just started out totally awesome! sarcastic voice, with a sweet, faded smile

Sleep Deprived
Constant pressure on bladder
Ear Pressure
Sore Throat
Feeling baby move more

Chicken Dressing
Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich
French Fries
Pecan/Pumpkin Pie
Welches Chillers Drink

I am so sick :-( I am coughing to the point of gagging. My nose wont open up, and my nose is constantly dripping. I have been dealing with my sinuses and allergies since the end of August and nothing seems to help. It seems like the more times I get this the worse off it gets. I will be calling the OBGYN in the morning, I am so exhausted because I can’t sleep. My throat hurts so bad, and the fan in our room don’t help, but if we turn it off we will slowly start to cook.

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