Mix my Favs

Day 11:  A song of your favorite band

As you have probably noticed I don’t really have a “favorite band”. I listen to a lot of things, just depends on my mood, and what I want to listen to. I am going to post the top bands I love though, and maybe you can get a feel of what I like listening to. You may not like some of them, but it is just a vast variety. I tried to pick with in genre, but it was hard, so here is my Favorite bands. Maybe you will like one 😉

(Rock/Pop Rock)
(His voice is so good, and he is Good Looking)

(Rap/Hip Hop)
(Warning: There is language, so up to you to listen)

(Rap/Hip Hop)
(Warning: There is language, so up to you to listen)

(Who wouldn’t love his deep voice? and he is Good Looking!)


(Christian Rock)

Of course I have more bands that I listen to, but these are just the top ones I really like. Who’s your favorite band?

Music Challenge
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My favorite Song

Day 01: Your favorite song?

Today I am starting the Music Month Challenge with Lisa (Life’s Little Slices). I have so many songs I like that it is hard to pick just one. So, I picked my favorite artist. I love his style, and of course he don’t look bad either 😉 His voice is amazing. Here it is.. I hope you enjoy it.

Daughtry – Feels Like Tonight

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