This Weekend; so far

It has been a clumpy weekend so far.

I went to the Doctor on Friday; got 5 meds I have to take, sometimes 2x a day.
I have allergy medicine to take at night, antibiotics for kidney infection take 2x a day, diet pill, nose spray (take 2x a day), and another one to treat another infection. It is like an ongoing thing. With taking all these at once I seem to be pretty out of it, not like sleepy, but my emotions are at the end. Everything is getting to me.

I worked in my landscaping project yesterday. While I was digging holes to plant my “monkey grass” I noticed the dirt was clumpy and rocky looking. I really didn’t pay attention till I had 15 holes dug and was already trying to plant my grass in the hole. I was sitting down trying to break up the clumpy pieces and it was like trying to break rocks. Husband looked me at me and he was like, “Nice going. You decided to put your flower bed in sandstone dirt.” Well, I continued to try to break up the pieces, trying to find the moisture clumps and failing at everything I grab. I gave up after it was taking me 10 minutes to plant one batch of grass. I walked away from it, seeing my project was draining away. It is at these times where you start asking yourself why everything you touch has to fall apart or never seem to work. I sat on the porch and thought about it over and over.

As I was sitting and thinking what I am going to do, Hubby walks by with the water hose. He looks at me and asks for me to cut the water on. I simply look at him and tell him no that I was resting. (Remember I have been working in my project. I went back forth about 12 times laying the grass at each hole. I got 2 of them in the holes took 10 minutes each, so I am resting).

Well, Hubby has starting getting smart with me and blah, blah, blah. I tried to tune out most of it, because it is the only thing I know to do sometimes. So, I am still sitting on the steps, looking at my landscaping wondering where I could get nicer dirt at. I need dirt that isn’t trying to form into rocks. I am looking away from hubby (he is watering the chickens). Next thing I know Hubby is now spraying me down with the water hose. UGHHH!! I got so mad. Now I have mud dripping off me, because I have been working in the dirt for awhile. I was so mad I was now in tears. I picked up my phone and walked off. I needed to cool off, gather my brain, and try again.

I went walking for awhile, about 30 minutes or so, give or take, or take and give. I got back to my project Hubby helped me put my grass in the holes, I covered them up, made sure all the hard clumps where out and we finally got it done. I stayed outside and watered my flowers as it got darker by night. It was so peaceful during that time; it was like I could think clearly and figure out what I had to do next.

So, my next thing is… is to get something to mix with the dirt so it won’t dry out so much.

Here in the south it is hard to find something that will help stay moisturized. You are looking at the temperature being in the high 90s, humid, and pollen counts through the roof. One idea is getting potting soil to mix with the dirt and then getting mulch to cover the top.

I still got some thinking to do, but I need to get outside and get my doors done. I shall return later. 🙂

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