Sad Day

Yesterday was such a busy day. I woke up feeling great, just somehow started running a little late to get to church, however, I did make it.

Church was great. It is always nice to go and feel uplifted,everyone is smiling, and renew yourself for the ongoing week. Well, church ended and I had to run home to get hubby.

I get home and hubby comes outside to meet me and Jade and I noticed Tonto’s (one of our dogs) water dish was knocked over. Jade went to get his water dish, and he was pouncing toward her (like he usually does when he is playing and plus she was carrying his water pail). He seems really happy and just wagging his tail. Savoy filled up his water dish and carried it back to him. They played a little more and we had to hurry up and go. So, we loaded in the car to go to a birthday party.

After the birthday party, we came home to clean up the house, and feed the dogs. As we parked the car I noticed Tonto in his dog house. He is usually never in his dog house, as this dog would lay out in the rain, or snow, now if it is lightning that is another story.
As I got out of the car I noticed he didn’t look right. He wasn’t moving, he wasn’t jumping up and down to say hi to us. Needless to say Tonto passed away. He was 7 years old, and such a good dog. He was always happy, and he would lay in your lap if you let him.

We had a memorial for him (nothing too big, but enough for us) and decided not to show Jade, but just tell her that Tonto went bye bye. Jade said, “Bye bye Tonto” and she seems okay at this point.

After the memorial I grabbed up Chubby and carried him in the house. I noticed he wasn’t acting right. He was heavy breathing like he just ran a mile in a race, but yet he was eating, drinking, and everything he usually does, he was just panting, really hard. His panting turned into heavy breathing, like puffs of air every second in a minute. I called one of my friends and his girlfriend told me to give him some allergy medicine it sounded like he was allergic to something. I proceed and I stayed up with him till 3 am this morning.

He finally dozed off before I went to bed, and his breathing got better. His ribs/abdomen still look “bigger” than normal, and he feels so warm to me. I am thinking he got too hot yesterday while we was gone and the heat got to him, I don’t know, maybe that is what happened to Tonto?

This morning he is looking better and I don’t hear his heavy breathing, so maybe he was just a bad day yesterday. I have had Chubby since ’03. He was just a little thing when I brought him home. He is just like my baby, and I think that is how most animals should be, close to your heart, and not far from your side.

This year hasn’t been the best years for animals…
2 kittens – 1 week old
1 kitten – 1 month old
Dixie – Hubby’s snake
6 Chickens
… all in the past year.

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