Jade’s Cute Sayings Pt 2

Before I get started on Jade’s sayings I would like to say Thank You to all of you who have “liked” my blog, and for all my new followers.

Jade just turned 5 years old Christmas eve, and just started Pre-K this past September. This is things she has said since July – December 2012.


Savoy and I were talking about the chickens should be laying eggs soon, and how we could start cooking them.
Jade says, “Don’t eat chicken, the eggs hatch! Don’t eat my friends! Eat fries!”

Jade was running down the hallways and stub her toe.
Jade, “Tell Daddy to move his BOX!”

Woke up and found Jade eating some chips
Me, “Jade, did you get the chips and how did you open them?”
Jade, “Scissors”

Jade just looked out the window and realized it was raining.
Jade, “Mom, It is going to RAIN!”
She jumps down off the couch and runs to the AC to turn it on, she runs back to the couch and sits down beside me.
Jade, “That will blow it away!”

Me, “Jade, how did you get a black eye?”
Jade, “Snow globe did it”
Me, “Snow globe attacked your eye?”
Jade, “Yeah it did”

Me, “Jade, what did you eat for breakfast at school?”
Jade, “A hamburger with a hole in it!”

Jade went to get her blanket from her room.
Me, “Are you cold?”
Jade, “Nope, my leg is hurting, so I will keep it safe under the blanket”
She even pulls our her “good” leg because it wasn’t hurting.

Me, “I think I am getting a sinus headache”
Jade, “Yeah, and your tummy is big”

Jade, “Daddy, we got to take mommy to the Doctor, her tummy is too full!”

Me, “Jade, what did you do at school today?”
Jade, “That’s enough Mom, I can’t tell you everything about my day, all the time.”

Dropping Jade off at school, in the morning and she says, “Mom, you don’t stay at school with me, you go home.”

Spelling out C-A-N-D-Y to Savoy as we pull up to a gas station, when he shuts the door and heads in Jade says, “I want candy, p-a-r-s-t-u-v”

Jade, “I need a lunchbox with a duck cartoon”
Savoy, “Why do you need a lunchbox?”
Jade, “Because I want to eat with my lunchbox friends”
Savoy, “So, this is peer pressure?”
Jade, “yeah”

If you missed the last of Jade’s cute sayings, check it out here


A letter to my Best Friend

Yeah I know, I have a lot of best friends and you guys know who you are, and don’t get jealous, your time will come to shine, Just Saying.

This letter is to a girl who I have known for 3 years. 3 years I have talked to this girl, we met through a virtual game, but regardless of that I know she is going to stay around. We usually talk about 1x a day, give or take. Sometimes it goes longer, but we try not to get it too far.



There is so much I say about you, and sometimes I don’t tell you enough how much you mean to me. I love you, I have loved you since the day I spoke to you, the first time I heard your laugh on voice. My lover for you is deep, permanent and not sexual, but you’re my best friend. It is a love that is true, so my true love to my best friend, my wifey.

I love you because…
– of your faults and unattractive behaviors.
You have shown me that regardless of our differences we have everything else in common.
– your strength is beyond amazing.
I have seen you grow (as a person) through everything life brought your way and that makes me love you even more.
– your flaws are a part of who you are and I wouldn’t want to change any of them.
– your character is fascinating.
All I can do is hope to continue to be a part of the awesome person of who you are, and continue to tell you how important you are in my life.

You are such an amazing person, protective, caring, loving, and supportive to me. You have stuck beside me since Day 1, when we first started talking. You have been there for me when I was in pain, in confusion, and when I needed an open ear about my family. You help me keep my sanity, and support me even when you are miles away. There is an emotional connection with you that I will never be able to change, even when our lives are so separate on their own.

If I could take you to the moon, I would. I trust you with everything I have, and everything I am. You are one of the few people I can truly open up to. I believe you truly know this and that you have known for a long time.

I often feel I don’t tell you how much I love you and thanked you for the support. You have been there for me, or how much you think I am a great mom,  you like my blog, or my weight loss journey, or how you checked on me when I needed someone the most. You know me like a book and well, Thank You.

You are truly an inspiration in my life. I guess this is why it has taken me so long to write you because I knew I wanted to say things I haven’t in a long time. I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me.

Thank you for being there, the memories, the long talks, and laughs. Thanks for being there when I was down or even my best of days. Thank you for being such a Best Friend a girl could have.

Don’t ever change who you are, because you’re a perfect person to me.

A Friend From Afar
by Natalie Kidd

A friend from afar
who thought you would be my shining star
you are patient and sweet even your generosity I would keep.
but when times are tough,
you are like a diamond in a rough.
You are strong and kind
what a friend I choose this time.
You are a friend;
a friend I would call to the very end.
How I miss my friend from afar
even though we would travel so far
to have one more moment
a moment of peace and tranquility,
You see, you are a special friend, a very special friend to me,
a friend with a personality… a friend to the end, You’ll be.

Jade’s Cute Sayings…


I love capturing Jade’s little moments, writing them down in a book, or posting them on my Facebook status, because.. she won’t be small forever, and she says some of the cutest of things! Here is some bits of her sayings…

Let me paint you a picture of how this one played out.
We was watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 5, when Izzie got married to Alex. Jade was sitting in Hubby’s lap, she looked over at him and this is what happened….
Jade: “They having a party?”
I started smiling..
Me: “Nooo, Izzie is getting married.”
Jade cuts her eyes over at me and then looks back at her daddy.
Jade: “Daddy, can I get married, too?”
Hubby: “No!”
Man, hubby was quick with that one!


Jade singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song.
“The eptsy – itsy spy-der went up the catus, down came rain and washed spy-der out. Out cames sun, dried up all rain. Eptsy Itsy Spy-der clubs catus again.”
– We are not really sure where this one came about


Jade: “Mommy, I want a cowboy hat, and boots. I want a rope, too. Call Nana Mum, I tell her.”


We went camping a couple of months ago.. in our front yard. We wanted to see how Jade would do before we actually took the tent to a weird place. She did actually well, other than the tent starting sweating and she was freezing because some-how the blankets all ended up with her Daddy. So, the next night before going to bed…
Jade: “I wanna sleep in the tent”


Jade: “Fire trucks live at the fire station, they must be sleeping”


Talking on the phone to Hubby, and I ask him if he would bring home some i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m (spelled it out, due to Jade sitting beside me). Jade stops coloring and looks at me with a big smile
Jade: “Yeah Mom! ICECREAM! I love Ice Cream!”
– There goes spelling out stuff, guess I will have to spell it backwards.


Jade went to visit Bray Bray in the hospital (Lisa from Life Little Slices son) Brayden told Jade that she could sit with him on the bed. The compared boo-boos and when we left..
Jade: “I go home and make Bray Bray a card and color it”


Jade: “Mom, dont forget when you get up to go pee”


Jade: “Mommy, Were not watching Brothers and Sisters. They’re bad. We watch Dora.”


We was in the car, heading some where .. Jade spots the moon.
Jade: “Can I catch the moon?”
Hubby: “Well, I dunno, it has a head start on us.”
Jade: “Ohhh, It’s far away?”


Taking Jade to the Doctor office
Jade: “Im going to the Doctor, Daddy?”
Hubby: “Yes baby. you need to get better.”
Jade: “Yeah, I have germs”


Jade: “I need rain boots for jumpin in the water peedles”
– not puddles, but peedles loool


Every time we get in the car to go somewhere Jade asks “where were going” and other 1000x questions of how, when, where and why. We will come up to a stop sign and you can hear her say “Red means Stop!”, which is then followed by “Which path to take?”. Going on a ride with her is like having a GPS for a Toddler, but it does let me know that she is learning.


Snacking on a frosty from Wendy’s and Jade busts out with “If rain drops were lemon drops” song.
Hubby started laughing. Hubby asks “Where, or who sings that?”
Jade starts giggling. “BJ sings that Dad!” (BJ is from Barney)
Come to find out Hubby whistles the same thing at work, so I guess like Daddy, like Daughter.


With Brayden being in the hospital Jade asks about him all the time… here is some of the things she asks.
Jade: “Bray Bray, ok?”, “Doctor make him feel better?”, “Bray Bray sick?”, “Bray Bray got Doctor?”, “I love him”
– She asks about him all the time, she is a sweetie. (Brayden is her cousin)


Jade: “Doctor going to check over my bodies?”


Jade: “Mommy! Wake up! the sun is up – no sleep it’s morning! Get up Mommy! – not sleep, Sun is up!”


Jade was sitting in Savoys lap…
Jade: “Daddy, you got snickers?”
I looked at Savoy and then back at Jade…
Me: “Say what Jade?”
Jade looks back at Savoy and rubs her hand on her Daddy’s cheek..
Jade: “You got snickers?”
Savoy and I bust out laughing…
“Whiskers Jade! Whiskers!”


Jade got the kitten and picked her up. Jade was holding by the neck, choking it.. I yelled at her for to hold the kitten right, she moved her hand and was holding it like she should as she walked away from me. I could hear her saying “I’m sorry I choked you Kitty”,  she hugged it and then laid it on the couch


Jade: “Daddy, my eyes. My eye will turn yellow.”


Walking through Wal-mart…
Hubby says, “Hey Jade, how about some walnuts?”
Jade looked at him and said “No Thank You, They taste bad.”


Jade woke up the next morning from her Walnut allergy and says..
Jade: “mommy, I am allll better, all my germs went away”

A Lost Friend

As most of you probably have noticed I have stepped away from my blog, not really pulled away from it as you see I am still here. This post will let you in on a little of why, then after You read this, you will just have to wait for the Six Word Saturday to understand the rest of it, haha.  So look out for that post, as it should follow this one, shortly.

I recently had/have a friend that pulled away from me. It seems she is going through a rough patch in life, but I don’t really know why she pulled away. Maybe it was the change of my recent blog or the more “God” thing to it. I don’t know why she pulled away, I really don’t. I think why I am so emotional over it, was because of the straight cut she made with it. Talking one day, then barely speaking to me, which I am sure if you have friends and one just stopped calling, you would ask these same questions.

I really don’t like it when people push me away without knowing why. I would like the answers to and, how, when, if, but, or however would make it a lot easier for me. I know I am supposed to let God control everything, but in this world I am still human. She is still my friend. She is still a person I talk/talked to everyday about everything till recently. When I say recently I mean like just in August we was talking; everyday. She was what made my day better. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. This is just a type of friend I am.

Anyway, I know she still cares about me because she contacted me over the weekend just to make sure I was okay. I guess we will eventually know where this leads, but right now I am just giving her space, as well as myself.

When she pulled away from me, it really made me wonder why I pulled so close to her and not anyone else. Why is it I have friends who are 10-50 minutes from me and I don’t reach out them. This weekend was a wake up call, and not just about her, but about myself and who I am.

Things I miss…
Ability to say random things just to make me laugh
The darkness flew away when I talked to her, it was like having some sunshine in my pocket. (even if it was 5 minutes or an hour)
Hot Chocolate Mugs she sent me in the mail. They stare at me from the cabinet haha!! jkk!!

How would it make you feel if your friend pulled away from you? Would you run after them? Or would you simply just let them slip away? Would you think if they pulled away from you one time, they would do it again?

“Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends.” – Mary Catherwood

Thankful Thursday

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Thankful for this week…
Gathering with family
Speaking to friends
Having the Internet
Dry Cereal – a snack
Power, water, & food
Friend/Family who understand

I would add related articles, but I have been having problems with WP. So, if you would like to add your link in the comment section please feel free.

Just Thinking A Little


I have wrote 200 things that I thought about, followed, challenges, and just regular ideas. I didn’t realize I have wrote so much, haha.


You guys are what make this blogging experience worth it!


My Dream Come True

My Dream House

Wow, I have been thinking about this one since 2004.

It is a ranch style house with no “dog houses” on top. It has a straight roof, with a full front porch, and a big enough back porch. My yard is landscaped front and back. The back yard is fenced in for the dogs and all the kid toys are out back as well. There is a cedar type shed for hubby’s things, a garage that has a covered walkway to the side door of the house.

Google Image

(it would look like this but a straight roof)

The outside would be either a moss green plank-board, or desert tan vinyl siding. The shutters would be black, as well as the window treatments. The front porch would be painted white. White posts, and a stained porch floor, or placed rock in smooth cement. Black iron thing to go on the columns of the porch to hang flowers from, the driveway would be poured cement lined with flowers on both side, also poured cement coming from the driveway to the front porch steps.

Google Image

The back yard would have a pond with goldfish, and a swing set that would last forever, a tire swing hanging in the shade of a huge tree, and hanging just barely off the ground. There would be a sitting area with a grill with flowers all around for the feel of peace or romance, just whichever mood strike first. The back yard will be up for entertainment and playing as the front yard would be for the hammock laying as you read a great book, or for a quick nap.

Google Image

When you walk into the inside it would be warm and inviting. There would be a double window when you walk in. The L-shape kitchen would be on your left, with an island that you could see from the living room. The flat screen would fit onto the wall so you can watch tv from the kitchen, and it would be an open floor plan. The Dining room would be to your right.
There would be 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths. The laundry room would be right beside the side door to go to the garage (which is a detached). The laundry room would be big enough to fold laundry, and house everything from the hot water heater, to the washing machine, and dryer, with a small sink just in case I might need to rinse off my shoes from being outside. One of the 4 bedrooms would be a type of office/workout room.

The Master bedroom would be big. It would have double french doors and have a walkway to the porch outside. The bathroom would be connected to the bedroom, with just a door separating them. There would be a jetted tub, with a window, the shower would be big enough for two, and it would be made with slate rock. The walk-in closet would be right outside the bathroom, of course one side mine, one said his, haha!

I shall continue dreaming 🙂 Maybe one day this will be my Dream Come True.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

My flowers bloomed!!!!

To some of you who may not know. I usually have a brown thumb. This year I was bound to grow flowers, and I have made it happen! 🙂 (Lisa you should be proud – also, I don’t know why they turned out kinda blurry, kinda makes me sad)

Tagging At It’s Best

Thanks Vix (littlemisseverything) for tagging me. This is such a challenge and I think know I can do it. Thanks for sending the tough one to me. 🙂

1. Most beautiful post …
Life, in my little girl’s eyes
I loved writing this post. It really reminded me how beautiful life should be.

2. Most popular post …
Best Friends

73 views since it was published, and still getting searched today.

3. Most controversial post …
Gay Marriage

Well, it seems a lot of people have different views and talk about it around the world. Which I wasn’t surprised with the reactions.

4. Most helpful post …

I think we all need to learn how to forgive ourselves, or others.

5. A post whose success surprised me …
Delete You

I wrote this post due to the Challenge I am participating in. I really didn’t think it would have got the attention it did. I was just writing how I was feeling at the time.

6. A post that didn’t get the attention I felt it deserved …
There’s a BUG a crawling…

It was pretty funny, but gosh it was scary!

7. Post I’m most proud of …
I Can Forgive Him

It took a lot of me to write this post. It totally helped me and I didn’t realize how much writing about something that you quit thinking about it. I was really proud of myself, to say the least.

Tag 5 some of your fellow bloggers
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Five Question Friday

Ahhhh!! I have been slacking! Sorry my fellow friends and readers. We had some bad lightning the other night and we needed up with no power, and blah blah blah, but I will tell ya about it on Todays truth 🙂 So, Here we go.. 5QF!

1. If you knew your best friend’s spouse was cheating on her or him, would you tell her (him)?
I believe in Karma, and I don’t want to be the one breaking bad news to my friend. It is kinda like, yeah I dunno. Since my (ex) step-dad cheated on my mom and I was the one to tell my mom. I have become a let Karma do her thing, kinda person. I now feel as though if I tell my best friend about something, that the person I’m telling on might have lies good enough to not back my story, so I will just step back and watch what happens. I know, true friends tell and talk, but I already been on that fence and it tore me apart.

2. Soda in a can or a bottle?
Can!!! Something about being in a can makes it feel colder, and the taste is different 😉

3. What do you wash first, hair or body?
I wash my hair first, haha! Am I weird? oh, then I double rinse it before I get out.

4. What advice would you give to any new mama?
Sleep while you can, and if you are doing formula.. get the containers that you can have the formula already in that way you can just dump it into the bottle than shake, shake it! lol!! 🙂 and enjoy the moments while you can because the grow up so fast… or the time passes by so fast, either one.

5. What is your best hangover remedy?
Pop 2 Tylenol in the morning, and go get something to eat, with a water 🙂
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