Thankful in November

I know I haven’t been writing a lot, but don’t worry I am still around. I am getting my life adjusted because a lot of things are going to be changing in the coming year. I will tell you that I am taking a break from my weight loss journey for right now, due to things going on in my life at the moment. Also, my neck has healed! I am glad for that but it does catch every once in awhile.

During this month, and the next month I am spending every moment I can with my husband before he starts another shift. We are praying that he can stick to the Monday – Friday shift, but you never know what will happen. We are praying for the great news and continue to be looking forward to more awards in our path.

Another thing is we are thinking/talking about another baby, and I am excited but then again I don’t want to get anybodies hopes up rather we are or we’re not, so I am just going to keep it simple till we figure something out on our own.

I haven’t been going to church either, and not because I don’t like it, but because I want to suck up all the time with my husband. In the past 6 years he has worked weekends and now since he is off on the weekends I wanna spend those times with him. He just started being off on the weekends (not just every other weekend) this past October (so, not even a month) and they are already talking about sending him back to swing shift this January. I love sleeping in and waking up with him still there, and I am sure if you was in my shoes you would want the same.

We have been going places on the weekends too since he has been off. It is like mini vacations or just spending time together. This weekend I went to see Breaking Dawn with Lisa. We also go eat chips and dip at the local Mexican restaurant with a order of cheese dip of course and a margarita! YUM! We can always use a girls night and I simply love it. Saturday, I woke up 6 hours later to go with my husband to a reptile expo or show, which ever they call it. It was different, but it was spending time with him and if he wants to go look at snakes, lizards, turtles, and other things then I will be right beside him. On the way home we got confused in road construction and ended up 160 miles out of the way from where we was. I had to call my mom, who was babysitting Jade, that we would be about 2 hours later from the pickup time. lol. I am glad she understood! The hamburger 2 hours away from home, taste the same by the way! lool. Today, we got up, cleaned the house some and went to do a little bit of Christmas shopping! I am tired! Monday, I can see a nap or 2 sneaking into my schedule.

However, in this post I will tell you I am thankful for…

God – Because well I am here. I should always be thankful for another day
Jade – She is so loving, she really brightens my days.
Husband – He is so caring, thoughtful, and he works so hard for us.
Life – Living another day, I wouldn’t change anything.
Mom – She wants to do so much for us, she is loving & caring.
Phones – communication when you need it.
Blogging friends – Because they rock!
Friends – They will always be there for you no matter the distance
Car – without it, we would be walking
Food – Because well Dressing will be sitting on my table in the near future
Cookies – Always need that sweet delicious something
Ice Coffee – The benefits of giving you energy and that wonderful taste
My Flat Iron
Being a Stay at Home Mom – Many of people would love to do what I do.
A new House – We will be moving in the next year
Graduation – My husband will be graduating next year
Medication – For healing
Weight Loss –
— Gosh, There is so much I am thankful for I could go on and on. Just know I am thankful for everything I touch, see, feel and see (well the positive things at least).

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I hope your days are filled with laughs, joy and happiness, because without that life would be pretty boring. I miss all of you and I hope to be able to write more in later days. Personally I haven’t been writing because a lot of things haven’t been going on. Just the same ole stuff just different day kinda thing lol I guess though as you can see a lot of things have been going on I just haven’t been venting LOL!

Later my readers, I will be back
((Hugs Virtually with much Love))
~ Jenna


Thankful Thursday

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Thankfuls this week…

  • No Meltdowns
  • Had a Mommy’s day
  • Cut grass without getting sick
  • My Mom
  • My wonderful Hubby
  • Wonderful Blogging Friends
  • Friends
  • Cell Phone
  • Computer to reach out and blog about things 😀
  • Heating Pad
  • Hot Water
  • Being able to walk
  • Playing with Family
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

What are you thankful for this week?


My style.. Things that I like, hopefully I can get everything to match together,
have complete outfits 🙂 Just maybe one day.

Having makeup that looks fabulous! Don’t you say so?? I think so!

Being able to read motivation or inspirational words, everyday!

Do you think you could get addicted to Pinterest? I know I did!
Find me and I will follow you to!

Six Word Saturday

Poor Jade keeps calling the

I came in late last night. I made sure the chickens were okay, the dogs were fine. My friends and I played with the animals before I headed to bed. I fell asleep, the dogs were barking but nothing of the unusual, as they bark if the wind blows right.
Hubby got back from fishing and noticed all the feathers in the yard. Noticed that the chickens were gone. He came to wake me up to tell me about the chickens.
We think coyotes got them. We live in the boonies, here in the south and coyotes are so bad, along with other wild dogs. Needless to say we have no more chickens. We didn’t have them in their cage, as they have been free roaming for about 2 weeks now.
Jade woke up this morning, she did her normal routine; potty, check on daddy and headed outside. She stood on the porch with her hands around her mouth and called her chicks chicks as loud as she could. I bent down and told her, “The chicks chicks went bye bye.” How do you explain to a 3 year old that the little things that would run with her, and stand by her, her “pets” are no longer here? She looked so disgusted, she threw herself on her bottom and begin to pout. I think Daddy and Mommy are going to buy “new” chickens.

(these were our big chickens)
RIP Chick Chicks
We also had 4 babies (3 months old)

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Chicken Problems

Hubby has chickens… (looks around) I think it fits with the “we are in the country and have a zoo

Today, I woke up to the chickens laying ON my flowers! You know my project of doing flower beds, and now the chickens are making my flowers their bed, sigh. I got the water hose and watered my flowers, so maybe now they wont lay in mud, could chickens not like water?


Hubby decides it is a good idea to let the chickens roam free, which I think it is good too since the coop he built (nothing pretty) is too little for them now, who would have thought? When we was getting chickens I thought they would have a pretty coop like this…

From Google

Instead we have this…

I just wish that it was something that they could get in, and if we ever move it wouldn’t be an eye sore. It will be something that I would enjoy and it will fit into making the yard unique and pretty. Sorry Hubby, don’t mean to POP your bubble. Please don’t give me the eye, lol!

Five Question Friday

1. What is your current favorite tv show?
If ONLY I just had one current show.. 😀
House,Bones,Lie to Me, Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Swamp People, Ax Men, Bachlorette & Pawn Stars
2. What’s the worst haircut you ever got?
When I was young I had my hair cut up over my ears. I think I was in 2nd grade, gosh what was I thinking!? My mom let me decide what I wanted. I never went that high again, ha!

3. What was something that you did as a child that you thought you were so cool for doing?
I would tie my bangs up on my head, like a pony tail, except its just your bangs, then I would part it tot make it look like pigtails. My nickname for that was Pebbles.

4. Do you have any GREAT frugal family fun tips?
The frugal family fun tip – Go with the flow! Don’t be so uptight, and just let things happen. It is suppose to be “fun” 😛

5. Would you drive across country if you had the money to fly?
I would say I would like to drive across country. Driving you can stop, take pictures, visit places on your way. If you just fly, only thing you can do is just take pictures of cloud where you “think” something might be.


Since I have been posting about happiness, apologies, and etc I feel the need to do one about my own confessions.

I have never been the person to point out all my flaws, never wanted anyone to “judge” me or have something to talk about. As I write this I am not only writing it because I want to, I am writing it so someone else can learn from me.

Here it goes…

When I was in high school I was trying out for the basketball team. I was doing great til it came the time to run the mile. Now, let me just give you my health issues in high school – I was anemic, allergies, asthma, hypoglycemic, but I never told anyone of these. I dealt with them the best I knew how, except for my asthma. Anyway, I was running the mile, trying to keep up with everyone. My mom was in the stands and so I wanted her to be proud of me one way or another. I was doing everything I could to keep up with everyone, not thinking about how I was breathing or how I felt like I was going to die, til I got to like lap 10 or so. It was a long way to run a mile in the gym, it was like going around in circles, over and over again. As I begin to realize that I was getting light headed and feeling my heartbeat through my head, I stopped. Coach asked me if I was done and I couldn’t even talk. I just nodded to agree. I didn’t want to pass out in the floor to get “attention” or embarrass” my mom.

So, after I “lied” to the coach, I felt bad. Not only for myself, but for my mom. I got home that night, my mom telling me how I had embarrassed her anyhow. Which, mom never knew why I stopped, as I never really talked about my own “failures”.

A few days went by and I couldn’t take it anymore. The guilt hard on my mind, and I knew this was wrong. I hated being a failure to myself. During break one day I went to find the Coach, noticed he was in his classroom and I told him the truth. I told him I never finished the mile, I lied. I begin to tell him why I stopped and he understand. He told me he was proud of me for telling him what really happened and even told me he still had more room on the team if I wanted it. I told him I didn’t deserve it after everything was done.

This is when I learned from my own mistake. I never lied again, I would rather tell someone the truth then to totally feel the guilt within myself. So, this is why I know apologizing, and telling the truth is always better. It not only proves something to yourself, but it makes you feel better about yourself.

Never give up in what you believe in, because then you can be a better person, not just in other peoples eyes, but your own.

“Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful.”~ Brian Tracy

Five Question Friday

1. How close to your childhood dreams is your life now?
    Since I am a stay at home Mom, my dreams to become a radiologist tech has been put on hold. Maybe one day I will full-fill that dream.

2. What is one must have item for the summer?

3. Do you have your kids stay up on school stuff during summer vacation? (Or, if you don’t have kiddos, did your parents make you keep up on school stuff during summer?)
   My kiddo hasn’t started school yet, but I would say of course she will start school stuff in the summer. She is 3yrs old, and everyday is like school to her. She is learning her colors, ABC’s. numbers, and eventually writing. Every kid will do some sort of learning during the summer, rather its intentional or not.

4. Do you can or freeze fresh produce?
      Neither. Produce whats that 😉 JK! I do buy frozen veggies when I wanna make vegetable soup, does that count?

5. Do you get ready for the day first thing in the morning?
     Get ready by rolling out of the bed? I usually stay in my pj’s, clean the house, and do my little house chores than get my bath before bed and do it all again the next day.

Life, in my little girl’s eyes

As young girls grow, we go from innocent kids, to teens than adults. We start off so small, learning from the parents who brought us into the world, or to parents who stepped in to help, or the single parents who somehow made it possible through the storms.

As a parent, myself, I look at my little girl, not wanting to think about her path before her, but about the path she walks now. She has made me realize how life should be simple. Who would have known a 3-year-old could teach a powerful lesson to her mom?

This is coming from a child who we didn’t know if she would “make it out of the woods” as she laid helpless in NICU for 9 days after she was born in 2007. The little girl, who has fought her battles just to become a normal child, and a blessing in a lot of people’s eyes, is now teaching her own mom.

My little girl has shown me that the smallest things in life matter most. Like, stopping to pick a flower and smelling it before running after her favorite cat, or while I am working in the flower bed, she brings me her ball, I stop what I am doing to play ball with her, tossing it back and forth as I watch her eyes light up and her beautiful laugh fills the air.

Every day she makes her mama proud. I let her live her life day by day, as we are not little ones forever. I teach her what I can, how beautiful she is, or funny she may be. We celebrate her milestones as if she was declared princess. We sing our ABC’s, but she seems to like Leap Frog better than me.

I try to do what mothers are to do, teach her things she needs to know or show her that just because you fall down doesn’t make your whole day bad. You just have to dust it off and keep going. There is some sunlight outside; it is just up for us to find it.

As a parent I do not think I am perfect, as I do make mistakes on my own. I try not to let my mistakes take a hold of me, as I learn from these and will pass it on to my child one day. I have found my happiness and I found it because of a little girl who says, “Momma”, three hundred million times a day. She may never know how much she means to me, but I hope one day she will realize how she has opened my eyes.

Now every time I pass my rose-bush, I smile and take a sniff, as my child would if she was running by. Maybe next time I can grab her up and dance under the sun, barefoot in the grass, or lay down and watch the clouds move as she tells me what she sees written or drawn in the sky, but knowing her, she will spot an airplane and ask if she can go get it, as I wish her future dreams will be that high.


Have you ever had someone you loved die?

My grandmother died in 2004. I never thought I would picture this growing up. She was my rock, comfort, and like my 2nd mom.

I would get off the bus and walk to her house before walking to my own. She would make sure I had something to eat, a crossword book, or a recipe book. We would help each other out with the Crossword because I never would get the right words.

I miss those times I could just go to Mawmaw’s and talk to her. She would give me advice, take my hand and tell me everything was going to be alright.

She loved her flowers, garden, cooking, and spending time with others. I will never forget how she hugged or the way she would make pound cake and bring me the beater from the mixer. She would tell me she loved me everyday.

I remember one time I didn’t stop at her house, I ran all the home (Which her house was only like 50 yards from mine). I got to the front door and the phone was already ringing, wondering why in the world I did not stop for supper, and that she had a bowl I could lick clean. She always knew how to make my day so much better!

I miss her everyday, but sometimes I just sit somewhere and go back to the memories I have of her.

It is hard to believe that cancer took her away from us. If you never had anyone close to you die of cancer, it is so hard to watch your love one go through pain, hurt, torment, and no strength. There is not a day I don’t think about her. I know she would love my little girl as much as she loved everyone else.

If I could bring her back just for 1 day, I would.

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