This week I have started a new way of cleaning. I wasn’t cleaning on the weekends when Hubby was home, because who would want to do that?

I knew I had to figure out a way that I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed. I would sit on the couch on Monday wondering where to start. I would try to bust out everything an hour before Hubby came home, because I knew then I had a time limit but then that became stressful.

While exploring Pinterest, I found a chore list, and Wow, it works! This is my first week starting it, so it has taken a lot longer than the 30 minutes, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel hallway. I can feel it working! Even my Hubby says “Wow, I might keep you for today.” ~laughs~

Another thing, I don’t feel like an overpowering Mom anymore. I let Jade pull out all the toys she wants, when I begin cleaning I make her put up her toys where they belong. If she spills hr dry cereal in the floor, I assist her with the vacuum.

If you start this way of cleaning – Don’t think it will just start working over night. The first week just worry about marking the stuff off the list as you do them, don’t worry about the time. You will see how easy it is to maintain in the first few days.

Happy Cleaning


Another Morning

Monday, I have never understand why Mondays got the terrible nickname, the bad day of the week. Usually, My Mondays are okay. Just an ordinary day, well except for last Monday, yeah we wont go there.

Today, however, I am cleaning house since husband was home all weekend. When the husband is home, the house looks like a nightmare. I don’t understand this, but it happens. All the dirty clothes never get washed, dishes pile up, trash doesn’t get took out, toys are everywhere, and the endless of my chore list continues on. I am going to add exercise in my day this week, I only have a week to bust tail before I go before my Dr. I have to see how much weight I lost this month. then I am off my diet pill for 3 months. I am hoping and I know will lose weight! I have already lost 13lbs since April and now it is time for more!

To house work; Here I come!

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