A Letter To My Husband


My Protector, My Love,
I decided to write you today. We have been through a lot in the past few years and I thought now would be a good time to write you. Life can be hard, life can get messy, and we both know how messy it can get.



52 Reasons Why I Love You

As I was flipping through Pinterest a thought came over me. You see people doing the 52 cards of Reasons Why I Love You for Valentine’s Day, but I figured I would make it into a post. I don’t think I tell him enough reasons why I love him, and maybe 52 Reasons will be just the icing on the cake. I know our marriage isn’t like the top-notch, everyone has flaws, and everyone makes mistakes, but he is my husband and I will always love him. Okay, enough of me rambling on.

I Love You Because…

1) You are an amazing Dad.
– You have been amazing since Jade was born, and you are amazing now.
2) You make me smile.
– I will never forget the differences between a city cat and a redneck cat as we was going to the hospital.
3) You make me laugh.
4) You surprise me with flowers
– I don’t even have to ask; sometimes you just show up with them.
5) You can build things from scratch.
–  Just like our Chicken Coop.
6) You never forget an important date.
– You remember everything. Thank you!
7) Random Funny Notes
– Just like the “Put your plants outside, SUCKA! Love you” even had a funny face out beside it.
8) You put “us” first.
– You know when to pick us over work, or anything.
9) You watch chick shows with me.
Already on Season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy, what other guy can do that?
10) You kiss & Tell Jade you love her every night.
– Even read her a book if she asks.
11) You make me Proud!
You work full-time, and go to school full-time. You are even on the President’s List at school! You are awesome!
12) You help me make decisions when I can’t.
– You give the best advice!
13) You are never afraid to be silly.
– Just like the time in the garage and you tuck your shirt up and strutted around. I thought I would die.
14) You make yourself laugh.
– Yeah we was both laughing that night ^^
15) You make me feel safe.
– You always think about me; You want us to be safe, you always call and check on us.
16) You provide for your family.
– You will work a week straight if you need to, so we make ends meet.
17) You listen to my stupid stories.
When I talk you listen; you may tune me out, but I don’t think so because I can see you smile even at my stories lol
18) You are not afraid of what anyone else thinks.
– You will tell them like it is. You don’t let anyone talk down to you.
19) You ALWAYS work hard.
– Hello, you are going to school and work, that should show something.
20) You always tell me you love me right before you fall asleep.
– It doesn’t matter what time it is or even if I am home or not, you call to tell me you love me before I go to sleep.
21) You don’t care when I’m a bum.
– Sometimes I don’t feel like cleaning house, and you don’t jump me about it.
22) You help me clean house when I need it.
– You support me, you help me, you are there for me.
23) You help me with outside.
– Of course if this is on the weekend. You helped me plant flowers, cut grass, build stuff ❤ Thank You
24) You help out around the house.
Wash clothes, wash dishes, cook, anything that I might have missed.
25) You helped me find kittens in the woods.
– You helped even though it was raining, and you hate cats 🙂
26) You read to Jade and help her if she asks.
– Even if it right before bedtime and she hollers for you to help/read to her.
27) You want whats best for your family.
If you family needs grocery, or help them you do. You always want to get us a new house.
28) You make a good pillow.
Even during movies
29) You always say what’s on your mind.
– If something bothers you, you make it known.
30) You surprise me with little things.
– Even if it is a box of Cellas on your way home from work, or a Diet Pepsi
31) You help build our relationship.
We have come so far from where we was.
32) You allow me to stay home.
– You cherish that I am home when you are, and you want to spend time with me when you are home.
33) You try to fix everything around the house
– If you can.
34) You take the time to all just to check on me.
Even if it is during your lunch break.
35) You chase me around the house.
Even if you have a twisted up towel in your hand.
36) You tell me how you feel.
– I appreciate it. It let’s me know instead of guessing. Thank You.
37) You are ticklish.
Seeing you laugh, even though you hate it, HA! I got pay back when you sit down
38) You never give up.
– You know how much work and effort it will take and you don’t throw your arms in the are and give up.
39) You make me feel comfortable with you
40) You assure me everything will be okay.
– You corrected me when I say “If we get a new house” to say “When we get a new house”
41) You tell me you dreams/wants
Another baby, or House (is some) – Shhh, I didn’t say the baby part.
42) You always make coffee better than me.
– Who wouldn’t love that!?
43) Your work ethic is amazing, even if you hate what you’re doing.
– When you was a lead, you still done your job.
44) You’re tall
– Just something about you being able to help me reach things in the cabinet
45) We can talk about anything all day
– We never ride in the car/truck without talking. We talk about everything/anything.
46) I love seeing you happy.
– Seeing you smile makes my day better
47) You know when I am upset.
– I don’t have to tell you, you just know.
48) You trust me.
– It took time for you to open up to me
49) You’re an awesome Husband
– When you take your thyroid meds, lol
50) Of your eyes
51) You can clean up
– If we go out to eat, or to somewhere.. and you clean up nice, just saying.
52) You Love Me.
It takes a lot to love someone who has been through so much, and you have and still do.

Thankful Thursday

My Thankfuls this week…

This week I am thankful for a lot of things.
I love spending time with my hubby even though he will be going back to swing shift in about 2 months, give or take.
I, also, love the times I have with my daughter.
Seeing her communication skills fly through the roof in just a year. I can not wait to see how far she can go.
The able to talk to my husband and talk about our future and what we want in life.
I am thankful for heaters, because in Georgia it feels like your toes will fall off at night. Georgia weather is so weird. 70s one day, then cold front moves through and its like waking up to being in Canada, lool just kidding but just saying.
Today it is nice and pretty outside, wear your swimsuit folks!
Tomorrow, You will need a scarf, snow boots, mittens, and an ice pick.
In 2 Days, Tornado Warnings, Rain… Flooding is possible
The weekend… Blizzard warnings in effect for your area.

LOL! That is just an example, that’s not happening right now, but it sure does feel like it!
What are you thankful this week?

He’s not paying attention

In the mist of the day I told hubby on his way to work to pick up some fish sticks, ketchup, snack, and a movie. He would call me back ever so often and ask if we need this or need that, I would eventually tell him yes or no, or add another thing to the list.

Well, he gets home with like 6 bags of groceries.. I didn’t think he was going for food for the rest of the week. I just thought he could make a quick drop by and get what we needed for tonight, since he is off this coming week.

Anyway, he puts the movie on the counter, as I sit in the chair and we go back and forth about the movie.

Me: So, what is it?
Hubby: Well, You will like it, it has one of your fav Actors in it.
Me: okkkk, who?
~We are having the conversation as Jade is laughing, and hubby is washing something in the sink~
Hubby: Well, She is your favorite actor..
Me: Matthew? … (hints I didnt hear the her part) lol
Hubby: Her/Female Your Favorite as you state in your blog
~bells go off~
Me: Ohhhhhh!!! Jennifer…
Hubby: Yeahhh there you go LOL

So, tomorrow we will be watching Just Go With It

and just so maybe, Hubby does pay attention 😉

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