Sadness Fills the Air

I think about my cousin so much. More than most people think I do. We went to school together, he would always greet me in the halls at school. I was his cousin and he would joke around all the time and call me “Brat” but you know, I always smiled and laughed when he did, it was something we could treasure forever.
We were in the band together. Most of the times he would even drive me home after band practice. I remember seeing him when we gathered for Mother’s Day. The memories will always be with me, the football we played in the yard, the hide-go-seek we seemed to play at my Great Grandmothers. He was always around me when we was growing up, I will never forget his laugh, his smile, or the way he cared for others.
I always knew he would be there if I needed him, and he knew the same about me. We would always find each other and would never walk away without laughing.
Even when he played football I would wear his jersey on Fridays. People would make fun of us, but I was always close to him, and for me to wear his jersey meant more than just “showing school spirit”, to me it was about making memories, and to show him that he didn’t just have to have a girlfriend to wear his jersey. It made me feel so good to see him smile and laugh with his arm around my neck.

2 years ago today, he passed away. We don’t really know the “whole” story. As no one “seen” what happened but his girlfriend at the time.

I do know on this day I will think about his brother, Mom, and Dad. I hope God continues to comfort them, and give them peace.

May the memories never die with him, but be forever remembered.


I love you Kent.. always!
Your Brat,

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