14 Weeks

14 Weeks
Gosh, time is flying. It is so weird that just last week I thought it was creeping by till I scheduled our appointment to find out what I have stewing in the belly.

Fever Blister – took Abreva
Headaches – they last at least 4-6 hrs
Eat what I want – I just can’t randomly pick something
Naps – an hr/less just depends
Still having lower back pain – only if sitting for too long
Gained 4 pounds (I think)
Energy – Finally not sleeping all day!
Memory is Gone – Pregnancy Fogginess

Pecan Pie
Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell
Hot Rolls
Casseroles – Broccoli & Cheese, etc.
Sausage Balls
Sweet Tea
Mexican Food

We found out November 15th! I am so thrilled, not only because we found out that day, but because I get to spend a whole day with me and just hubby, that hasn’t happened in a very long time. We are actually going out to lunch, we have never had a during the week lunch date, since ’07. I think it will be amazing, and we get to spend that time just focused on us. Once we find out what we are having, we will tell DD in detail what is happening, right now I talk about it around her, but I haven’t really sat down and explained everything to her and this will be the perfect time because we will start buying things.


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