Food Allergies vs Faith


I am coming forward to shed a new light on some things.

I haven’t talked too much about food allergies since my daughter was fighting for her life May 2012. Just because I didn’t talk about it much or throw statistics at everyone doesn’t mean I wasn’t praying for miracles, not only for my child but for every child out there battling their food allergies. I didn’t know much about food allergies till that dreaded day.

I didn’t know it could mean life or death within minutes of eating something or that I would spend so much time and energy researching things you have to do to make sure any food you touch was safe. I am not talking about just reading labels here. I am talking about the every detail of everything you do.

Did you know that half of the time you have to either call companies, or send them an e-mail to see what is actually in their food? You spend most of your time helping, or protecting your child. It is not just about companies, it’s also restaurants. Those times where you just want to go sit down as a family and have someone cook for you. After doing some research in ourย  town, we found that we only have two options for sit down restaurants: Cracker Barrel & Olive Garden. Even though recently, Cracker Barrel changed their menu, so I will have to contactย  them before our next visit to make sure they are still food allergy aware, and if anything has changed.

Half of the time, we (parents of food allergy kids) just want people to ‘get’ it. It is life or death. How hard is that for people to understand? When you have a child who is sickย  you don’t take them to the hospital for them to run around and play. So, why would I take my food allergy child to your birthday party and let her run around free of everything, when I have no clue what is there. I have no clue what is in the cake, the ice cream, and those donuts you decided to pick up and bring. So sorry if I come off being “overly protected”, I am just being a mom. ย 

Food allergies just happen. It is not planned out. It is not something that I would wish on anyone. Just because one day my child eats nuts, then the next day she is in the ER, doesn’t mean I am just going to go back to our way of life before. That ONE day changed our life, and we changed our life-style. It is a way of living, it can be restrictive but at least this is something I can battle. This is something I can manage.

Your next question could be about my faith. “If your faith is strong enough you wouldn’t worry so much. Let Go, Let God” Really? So, I should just throw that common sense God gave me right out the window and say “Run along Jade! I will watch you from here! Even though I saw you battling for your life, I just want you free-spirited. In the meantime, I will sit over in my corner and pray while you run free”

So, let me inform you about my faith.

My faith is loading my daughter up on the bus every morning for school. I don’t know what Sally has brought on the bus that morning. I don’t know if Sally is going to give Jade her walnut ice cream, or did Sally just saved her Nutella sandwich to share with Jade on the bus. Don’t tell me this can’t happen, because when I was in school I brought snacks on the bus. My ride was an hour and half, so of course, I brought me something! Who is not to say some little kid does the same? Why would a kid bring something so dangerous on the bus? The reason why is because to that child it isn’t dangerous. That kid is living the Free-Spirited life.

My faith is letting my daughter into a public school. A public school where they have no clue, nor have they seen a child go through Anaphylactic shock. The teachers and staff don’t know what to even look for if something happens to my child. I have to tell them the warnings signs. My faith is, for them to remember exactly what I told them.

My faith knows God can change this. My everyday prayer is finding a cure, finding a way to ‘fix’ whatever is wrong. And now my faith is really showing and do you want to know why? Because just today we found out that Jade might have outgrown her allergies, but that’s not why I have faith now. I have faith now because I am going to put her life in her Doctors hand. The Doctor is going to do a food challenge and feed her Walnuts. The Doctor and Nurses will watch her closely. I will be facing the devil head on, but I will not bow my head. I will push through because I know who has this, and it is not me. So, next time you hear food allergies think about everything it takes for that parent to push through everyday life. Don’t judge them; don’t start pointing fingers at them, because in my eyes they have the best positive outlook on life. For they know what true Faith is.



Jade’s Cute Sayings Pt 2

Before I get started on Jade’s sayings I would like to say Thank You to all of you who have “liked” my blog, and for all my new followers.

Jade just turned 5 years old Christmas eve, and just started Pre-K this past September. This is things she has said since July – December 2012.


Savoy and I were talking about the chickens should be laying eggs soon, and how we could start cooking them.
Jade says, “Don’t eat chicken, the eggs hatch! Don’t eat my friends! Eat fries!”

Jade was running down the hallways and stub her toe.
Jade, “Tell Daddy to move his BOX!”

Woke up and found Jade eating some chips
Me, “Jade, did you get the chips and how did you open them?”
Jade, “Scissors”

Jade just looked out the window and realized it was raining.
Jade, “Mom, It is going to RAIN!”
She jumps down off the couch and runs to the AC to turn it on, she runs back to the couch and sits down beside me.
Jade, “That will blow it away!”

Me, “Jade, how did you get a black eye?”
Jade, “Snow globe did it”
Me, “Snow globe attacked your eye?”
Jade, “Yeah it did”

Me, “Jade, what did you eat for breakfast at school?”
Jade, “A hamburger with a hole in it!”

Jade went to get her blanket from her room.
Me, “Are you cold?”
Jade, “Nope, my leg is hurting, so I will keep it safe under the blanket”
She even pulls our her “good” leg because it wasn’t hurting.

Me, “I think I am getting a sinus headache”
Jade, “Yeah, and your tummy is big”

Jade, “Daddy, we got to take mommy to the Doctor, her tummy is too full!”

Me, “Jade, what did you do at school today?”
Jade, “That’s enough Mom, I can’t tell you everything about my day, all the time.”

Dropping Jade off at school, in the morning and she says, “Mom, you don’t stay at school with me, you go home.”

Spelling out C-A-N-D-Y to Savoy as we pull up to a gas station, when he shuts the door and heads in Jade says, “I want candy, p-a-r-s-t-u-v”

Jade, “I need a lunchbox with a duck cartoon”
Savoy, “Why do you need a lunchbox?”
Jade, “Because I want to eat with my lunchbox friends”
Savoy, “So, this is peer pressure?”
Jade, “yeah”

If you missed the last of Jade’s cute sayings, check it out here

Baby Wish List

Swing Sleeper Leap Frog Bedding Travel System 2 Pak-N-Play 2 Crib Travel System Pak-N-Play Cuddle-U

Still debating between the Pak-N-Plays and Travel Systems, but I like these the best. I also think the other things are pretty neat ๐Ÿ˜‰ The bedding isn’t a firm thing, for some reason it is hard to like something if you don’t see it in person. Still debating, throwing a lot of things out there, but I know it will all come together when the time is right, for now… I am just dreaming.


Jade and I stayed at my moms for the past 2 days.ย  Jade learned so much from Trash Trucks, Dumpster Diving, Mail Box, and other vast of things.

Where we live we don’t have a mailbox because the address is messed up, so we have a PO Box. We don’t have trash pickup, because it is easier to haul it off (So says my Hubby ๐Ÿ˜› Love you Hubby!) We don’t have close neighbors, so no dumpster diving on the curb. Because of all this, Jade has never retrieved a letter from a mailbox, so at Nana’s she was so excited. She came running to Nana saying “YOU GOT A LETTER NANA!!” Her eyes were lit up from joy and she was running back and forth from the window to her Nana. As Nana went outside Jade started singing “We just got a letter” from Blue’s Clues.

The trash people came, not even 10 mins later (give or take a few). Jade didn’t know what the truck was or did for that matter. She kept telling Nana that the people were taking her stuff. We explained to her why and where they take it. I think she got the idea, but who knows.

My mom lives in a subdivision, so a lot of people throw out stuff just because it doesn’t work. Her neighbor threw out a grill. I was determined to check in to it, but I never have been nosing through stuff. Jade didn’t know exactly what was I doing or wanting to do. I told her that sometimes people throw out things that can be reused for something else, or you might can fix the object, if it is fixable, but sometimes it just needs to be thrown away.

We explained to Jade about the little blue boxes for recycling and showed her the triangles for recycling. Once we got inside we got out a jar and pointed out the triangle for her to get a better understanding.

I guess living in the Rural parts of the world, we are “sheltered” by what goes on in the world. I now know Jade knows though and these past two days will be something she never forgets.

Jade’s Cute Sayings…


I love capturing Jade’s little moments, writing them down in a book, or posting them on my Facebook status, because.. she won’t be small forever, and she says some of the cutest of things! Here is some bits of her sayings…

Let me paint you a picture of how this one played out.
We was watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 5, when Izzie got married to Alex. Jade was sitting in Hubby’s lap, she looked over at him and this is what happened….
Jade: “They having a party?”
I started smiling..
Me: “Nooo, Izzie is getting married.”
Jade cuts her eyes over at me and then looks back at her daddy.
Jade: “Daddy, can I get married, too?”
Hubby: “No!”
Man, hubby was quick with that one!


Jade singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song.
“The eptsy – itsy spy-der went up the catus, down came rain and washed spy-der out. Out cames sun, dried up all rain. Eptsy Itsy Spy-der clubs catus again.”
– We are not really sure where this one came about


Jade: “Mommy, I want a cowboy hat, and boots. I want a rope, too. Call Nana Mum, I tell her.”


We went camping a couple of months ago.. in our front yard. We wanted to see how Jade would do before we actually took the tent to a weird place. She did actually well, other than the tent starting sweating and she was freezing because some-how the blankets all ended up with her Daddy. So, the next night before going to bed…
Jade: “I wanna sleep in the tent”


Jade: “Fire trucks live at the fire station, they must be sleeping”


Talking on the phone to Hubby, and I ask him if he would bring home some i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m (spelled it out, due to Jade sitting beside me). Jade stops coloring and looks at me with a big smile
Jade: “Yeah Mom! ICECREAM! I love Ice Cream!”
– There goes spelling out stuff, guess I will have to spell it backwards.


Jade went to visit Bray Bray in the hospital (Lisa from Life Little Slices son) Brayden told Jade that she could sit with him on the bed. The compared boo-boos and when we left..
Jade: “I go home and make Bray Bray a card and color it”


Jade: “Mom, dont forget when you get up to go pee”


Jade: “Mommy, Were not watching Brothers and Sisters. They’re bad. We watch Dora.”


We was in the car, heading some where .. Jade spots the moon.
Jade: “Can I catch the moon?”
Hubby: “Well, I dunno, it has a head start on us.”
Jade: “Ohhh, It’s far away?”


Taking Jade to the Doctor office
Jade: “Im going to the Doctor, Daddy?”
Hubby: “Yes baby. you need to get better.”
Jade: “Yeah, I have germs”


Jade: “I need rain boots for jumpin in the water peedles”
– not puddles, but peedles loool


Every time we get in the car to go somewhere Jade asks “where were going” and other 1000x questions of how, when, where and why. We will come up to a stop sign and you can hear her say “Red means Stop!”, which is then followed by “Which path to take?”. Going on a ride with her is like having a GPS for a Toddler, but it does let me know that she is learning.


Snacking on a frosty from Wendy’s and Jade busts out with “If rain drops were lemon drops” song.
Hubby started laughing. Hubby asks “Where, or who sings that?”
Jade starts giggling. “BJ sings that Dad!” (BJ is from Barney)
Come to find out Hubby whistles the same thing at work, so I guess like Daddy, like Daughter.


With Brayden being in the hospital Jade asks about him all the time… here is some of the things she asks.
Jade: “Bray Bray, ok?”, “Doctor make him feel better?”, “Bray Bray sick?”, “Bray Bray got Doctor?”, “I love him”
– She asks about him all the time, she is a sweetie. (Brayden is her cousin)


Jade: “Doctor going to check over my bodies?”


Jade: “Mommy! Wake up! the sun is up – no sleep it’s morning! Get up Mommy! – not sleep, Sun is up!”


Jade was sitting in Savoys lap…
Jade: “Daddy, you got snickers?”
I looked at Savoy and then back at Jade…
Me: “Say what Jade?”
Jade looks back at Savoy and rubs her hand on her Daddy’s cheek..
Jade: “You got snickers?”
Savoy and I bust out laughing…
“Whiskers Jade! Whiskers!”


Jade got the kitten and picked her up. Jade was holding by the neck, choking it.. I yelled at her for to hold the kitten right, she moved her hand and was holding it like she should as she walked away from me. I could hear her saying “I’m sorry I choked you Kitty”,ย  she hugged it and then laid it on the couch


Jade: “Daddy, my eyes. My eye will turn yellow.”


Walking through Wal-mart…
Hubby says, “Hey Jade, how about some walnuts?”
Jade looked at him and said “No Thank You, They taste bad.”


Jade woke up the next morning from her Walnut allergy and says..
Jade: “mommy, I am allll better, all my germs went away”

Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

I often wish people would understand how it is to be a stay at home mom. A true Stay-At-Home Mom. True meaning, No car to go anywhere unless your husband/family/friend takes you.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being a Stay-At-Home Mom, just sometimes it can become a lot.

Most of the time I feel lonely/isolated. I guess living out in the sticks can do that. I talk/text a lot, probably more than I should, because usually it is the only outside communications I get. My job never ends, I don’t have a punch out clock. I am on-call all through the night.

Staying at home gives me a sense of freedom in my role as a Mom, Wife, or even a Friend. I can choose the times to interact with people, but it would have to be by phone, or Facebook. We only have 1 car, so it can get pretty stressful when people don’t understand why you can’t just go and see them.

On the weekends you try to pull in so much adult interaction from your husband, you tend to lose the last time you actually spent time with your friends.

The most rewarding thing about being a Stay-At-Home Mom is to see how much you can effect your child’s life. I love being Jade’s caretaker and her lightning up telling people what she has learned. It just makes my heart warm, and lights up my world. I get to mold her, and watch her grow into such an amazing, sweet little girl.

Sometimes, my Husband doesn’t even understand the magnitude of being a Stay-At-Home Mom (24/7). He often says, “Oh yeah, I leave home to go to work.” I don’t think he knows how much that hurts me when he says those words. When he says something like that all I do is sigh and say “You will never understand.”

I don’t want to get a job outside of the house, not because I’m Lazy, but because I love being home, BUT there is so much home a person can do. So much cleaning, stepping on toys, yelling, teaching, trying to understand a child, loneliness, isolated one can get.

I don’t have a car to go pay the bills, get groceries, take Jade to the park, meet a friend for lunch, go to the movies, or library… I have to do all these things when my husband is home on the weekends and those are the days I want to spend with him, those are the days I want to be stress-free, relax kind of days. I only spend 2 hours a day with him (Mon-Friday) when he works and goes to school. Why can’t people understand that? I’m not blowing them off. I just don’t have an open calendar to do what I want.

Being a Stay-At-Home Mom is not easy, but in the long run it is worth it. I just tell myself, “Time and Patience”.

Thankful in November

I know I haven’t been writing a lot, but don’t worry I am still around. I am getting my life adjusted because a lot of things are going to be changing in the coming year. I will tell you that I am taking a break from my weight loss journey for right now, due to things going on in my life at the moment. Also, my neck has healed! I am glad for that but it does catch every once in awhile.

During this month, and the next month I am spending every moment I can with my husband before he starts another shift. We are praying that he can stick to the Monday – Friday shift, but you never know what will happen. We are praying for the great news and continue to be looking forward to more awards in our path.

Another thing is we are thinking/talking about another baby, and I am excited but then again I don’t want to get anybodies hopes up rather we are or we’re not, so I am just going to keep it simple till we figure something out on our own.

I haven’t been going to church either, and not because I don’t like it, but because I want to suck up all the time with my husband. In the past 6 years he has worked weekends and now since he is off on the weekends I wanna spend those times with him. He just started being off on the weekends (not just every other weekend) this past October (so, not even a month) and they are already talking about sending him back to swing shift this January. I love sleeping in and waking up with him still there, and I am sure if you was in my shoes you would want the same.

We have been going places on the weekends too since he has been off. It is like mini vacations or just spending time together. This weekend I went to see Breaking Dawn with Lisa. We also go eat chips and dip at the local Mexican restaurant with a order of cheese dip of course and a margarita! YUM! We can always use a girls night and I simply love it. Saturday, I woke up 6 hours later to go with my husband to a reptile expo or show, which ever they call it. It was different, but it was spending time with him and if he wants to go look at snakes, lizards, turtles, and other things then I will be right beside him. On the way home we got confused in road construction and ended up 160 miles out of the way from where we was. I had to call my mom, who was babysitting Jade, that we would be about 2 hours later from the pickup time. lol. I am glad she understood! The hamburger 2 hours away from home, taste the same by the way! lool. Today, we got up, cleaned the house some and went to do a little bit of Christmas shopping! I am tired! Monday, I can see a nap or 2 sneaking into my schedule.

However, in this post I will tell you I am thankful for…

God – Because well I am here. I should always be thankful for another day
Jade – She is so loving, she really brightens my days.
Husband – He is so caring, thoughtful, and he works so hard for us.
Life – Living another day, I wouldn’t change anything.
Mom – She wants to do so much for us, she is loving & caring.
Phones – communication when you need it.
Blogging friends – Because they rock!
Friends – They will always be there for you no matter the distance
Car – without it, we would be walking
Food – Because well Dressing will be sitting on my table in the near future
Cookies – Always need that sweet delicious something
Ice Coffee – The benefits of giving you energy and that wonderful taste
My Flat Iron
Being a Stay at Home Mom – Many of people would love to do what I do.
A new House – We will be moving in the next year
Graduation – My husband will be graduating next year
Medication – For healing
Weight Loss –
— Gosh, There is so much I am thankful for I could go on and on. Just know I am thankful for everything I touch, see, feel and see (well the positive things at least).

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I hope your days are filled with laughs, joy and happiness, because without that life would be pretty boring. I miss all of you and I hope to be able to write more in later days. Personally I haven’t been writing because a lot of things haven’t been going on. Just the same ole stuff just different day kinda thing lol I guess though as you can see a lot of things have been going on I just haven’t been venting LOL!

Later my readers, I will be back
((Hugs Virtually with much Love))
~ Jenna

Thankful Thursday

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Thankfuls this week…

  • No Meltdowns
  • Had a Mommy’s day
  • Cut grass without getting sick
  • My Mom
  • My wonderful Hubby
  • Wonderful Blogging Friends
  • Friends
  • Cell Phone
  • Computer to reach out and blog about things ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Heating Pad
  • Hot Water
  • Being able to walk
  • Playing with Family
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

What are you thankful for this week?

Maybe; I’m a Little Weird

I was discussing with a friend the other day about cleaning my house. I wasn’t ask her to clean my house, we was just simply discussing it.

She thinks that I am so tired of cleaning bc I do everything when I clean.


Kitchen – Wash the dishes, clean the counters, sweep & mop, take out the trash
Livingroom – Clean windows, wash off everything including entertainment center, and pick up (Also, have Jade help pick up her toys)
Hallway – Wash & dry clothes (even through all my other chores) & Vacuum
Jade’s room – I usually just let her clean her room. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you are big enough to make the mess, you are big enough to clean it up.
Bathrooms – Clean the tub/shower/toilet, sweep & mop
Master Bedroom – Fold clothes, make bed, vacuum, clean mirrors and windows.

I don’t clean like this everyday, but when I do start cleaning it ends up like this. I have to start in one part of the house and work my way out. I even get the broom to get in the cracks where the wall meets the carpet. When I do things I want it to be right. When I clean I want it to be clean, throughout.
But, I hate cleaning everyday, so maybe it is a little much, but heck someone has to do it.

So, Am I weird?? What is normal when cleaning your house, and trying to watch over your child. Making sure she isn’t doing anything she doesn’t need to be doing (like taking a black dry erase marker and writing on the couch with it).

I do have this hanging over my door, so people can read it when they leave.

Five Question Friday

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1. Do you have siblings and are you close with them?
I am an only child, but I do have 3 sisters (1/2 sisters, and 1 is adopted – my dads side of the family) 1 brother (1/2 brother – dad side of the family). I think we are closer this year than any other year. If they need me they know to call. ๐Ÿ™‚
2. Would you rather be slightly UNDER weight or slightly OVER weight?
I think I would rather be slightly under weight. I am trying to loose weight now, just trying to get back down to “normal” if I was under weight I don’t think I would have problems. I use to weigh (105-115 lbs).
3. What’s your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?
Dude, funnel cakes… I can only eat about 5 bites before I hand it off to someone else, ha!
4. What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?
Jade doesn’t start school till next year and the only thing I have to say to that is YIPPY!!!! haha! I can so get my house cleaned and do the things I need to do around the house without her messing it up, at least while I was home and she was at school, but you know when she gets home from school she might play. ๐Ÿ™‚ Either way it will be good for her and me.

5. Pool or Ocean?
Gimme the pool to swim laps in and gimme the ocean to smile at as I sit with my feet close to the water. I miss the salty smell of the ocean. ๐Ÿ™‚

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