He’s not paying attention

In the mist of the day I told hubby on his way to work to pick up some fish sticks, ketchup, snack, and a movie. He would call me back ever so often and ask if we need this or need that, I would eventually tell him yes or no, or add another thing to the list.

Well, he gets home with like 6 bags of groceries.. I didn’t think he was going for food for the rest of the week. I just thought he could make a quick drop by and get what we needed for tonight, since he is off this coming week.

Anyway, he puts the movie on the counter, as I sit in the chair and we go back and forth about the movie.

Me: So, what is it?
Hubby: Well, You will like it, it has one of your fav Actors in it.
Me: okkkk, who?
~We are having the conversation as Jade is laughing, and hubby is washing something in the sink~
Hubby: Well, She is your favorite actor..
Me: Matthew? … (hints I didnt hear the her part) lol
Hubby: Her/Female Your Favorite as you state in your blog
~bells go off~
Me: Ohhhhhh!!! Jennifer…
Hubby: Yeahhh there you go LOL

So, tomorrow we will be watching Just Go With It

and just so maybe, Hubby does pay attention 😉


Frog Bites

Yesterday, Jade and I packed up to head to my moms. We got to my moms and Jade found Nana’s strawberries in the refrigerator. Jade would get the strawberries; peel the green leafs off, then find her way into the living room. Mom and I noticed Jade was eating the strawberries, but we weren’t watching her very closely. Jade would eventually come back and ask for more. She would again peel the leaf off of the strawberries and would priss walk back into the living room.

As Mom and I finished eating our Chicken Wraps, washed the dishes, and put up the leftovers, Jade would come back in the kitchen to get some more strawberries. We all got into the living room to watch Did You Hear About the Morgan’s, all of us got nested into the couch or a chair when Jade kept finding more strawberries.

All image rights go to the Markers and Crew of the movie "Did You Hear About The Morgan's?"

My mom decides to try to find the strawberries, as Jade was hiding them behind her toy on the ottoman. Mom picked up the strawberries and every one of them had a “frog bite”. Mom told Jade that she needed to eat all the strawberries, just not little frog bites. Jade turns to look at her Nana as she says, “No! I’m alllllllll Donnnneee Nana!”. Needless to say, Jade never finished the strawberries.

Chicken Wraps
1 Whole Wheat Wrap
Rotisserie Chicken Strips (Shredded)
Sour Cream
Cheese made with 2% milk
Place the Wrap into a skillet, or on a plate.
Cut strips from the Rotisserie Chicken
Spread Salsa and Cheese
Wait till Cheese is melted (On stove or Microwave)
Add Sour Cream last
Then wrap it up 🙂 Of course you can add your own toppings 🙂 You could even grill the wrap on the grill… mmmm make it crunchy!
Did You Hear About the Morgan’s I really enjoyed this movie. This is a great movie to watch with kiddos, (not really the beginning for kids, since there is shooting and a murder at the first), or to watch with your hubby. Grab a nice cup of Hot Chocolate, your Chicken Wrap, blanket, and begin your cozy night in 🙂

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