Nearing Home

┬áThe latest book by Billy Graham, the world-wide author at the age of 93, preacher, and evangelist offers wise advice in all stages of life. His writing is easy to understand and I would suggest it to anyone. I, for one, loved the strength and courage in his writing. Once you read the book you can understand the value of “old age” and the wisdom experience that comes along with it.

Opening up with Nearing Home you are brought forth scriptures of how to be in a commitment with Christ and providing knowledge while you navigate through the life change. Billy Graham breaks it down even for the young generation to understand.

“What testimony are you passing on to others following you?” – from Nearing Home

This book is completely inspiring and uplifting to read, he can teach you how to live through the rest of your life, not just before you die, and how to get the message out to others.

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