A Happy Birthday Post

Before I get all mushy into the Happy Birthday I have to share with you as my readers and my blog warming friends…
I posted my Music Challenge today, and this is a comment I get for it.. I hope it makes you smile just like it did me.
Yeah, I could Play that | We’re Jumpin » Merry Christmas !!!!!!

My Hey Song made it to Christmas!! and they even told me Merry Christmas! LMAO!!! I know they want traffic, but I have to give them kudos to making me laugh.

I am sending a shout out not only because I can, or want to, but because Happy Birthdays should be special and a time for enjoyment for making it another year. My hubbys birthday is today! He is just a year shy of moving on to the grand 30s and today starts the mark off of never seeing the 20s again.

Google Image

Dear Hubby,
Thank you for everything you have done. provided, and for sharing your world with ours. I hope we continue to celebrate not only your birthdays, or our birthdays but endless days to just enjoy each other. I hope we will eventually be filled with love, not just within our hearts as we both seem to have, but with love through our thoughts as we continue the journey of being more than just an ordinary Husband and Wife. I hope that your birthday is a special day from my heart to yours. You will never understand how much I truly care and love you, for as I don’t really know how to hold you and tell you, but I will reach out and touch you every chance I get. I may not be perfect, but I hope I am perfect for you. I know we have our ups and downs, not just with marriage but through everything that is going on with your health, and mine. We may not always see eye to eye, but I would like the world to know I do love you. Happy Birthday Savoy, and may you have many more that we can celebrate together.
I love you,


There’s a BUG a Crawling…

Thank God I didn’t fall off the bed and hurt myself. I am usually good at keeping calm during these events, but no, not while I am sleeping.
Last night (not tonight, but Thursday night) we all decided to go to bed about the same time. Hubby put Jade to bed; I got myself ready for bed (of course checking my blog like a creeper before heading out for the night.)
I got all cozy in my bed, feet in my blankets, arm under the pillow, other hand up under my chin, with the blanket wrapped so securely and tight around my hand, right near my skin. I was so relaxed, in peace, getting ready to fall in that deep sleep, the deep sleep where your drool is about to run down your face, the sleep where you believe you are in the mystery side of heaven. Then Hubby wakes me, “Hey, Your daughter is awake.” (Your daughter – heard that right, lol) I throw the blanket off my arms, kick my feet out of the blankets and find myself at Jade’s bedroom door. She is standing there with her arms up, tears rolling down her face, “I need to go pee pee in the potty.” I put her down tell her to hurry up, because mommy is tired. She comes back; I give her kisses and send her back off in her bed.

I get back to my room, does the same process with my blanket, get all cozy, go back into my little peaceful dreamland, and Hubby wakes me again, 30 minutes later. I storm out the bed, yelling if he wakes me again I am going to go crazy. I get to my daughters room, and she says, “My pull up hurts.” I stump to the living room, grab a clean pull up, hand to her when I get back to her door, she changes them, throws the one that “hurts” in the hallway (even though there is nothing wrong with it, it just isn’t a “new” one). I bend down give her kisses, tell her to go night night, gave her the babies, and moezied my way back to my hole in the bed. (Note: It is now 12:00am)
4:00am Hubby jumps up (still asleep) and sits on the edge of the bed. I wake up ask him what is wrong, realize he is still asleep (thinking he might just think his alarm clock went off), tell him to lay back down, he still has a while. I get back to sleep when I was so rudely awakened by a BUG!!!
This bug was running down my arm, I flipped it off my arm, I jumped up on the bed, grab my pillow, shake it, run across to the other side of the bed, flipped on the light, and there is the bug… a CENTIPEDE!! He is now crawling over the blankets I start letting my voice get a little louder. I wake hubby tell him to get the BUG! I am now sitting back on my knees as the bug approaches my blanket; Hubby flicks him off the bed, then turns out the light. I sit there, waiting, wondering if it is going to come back! Hubby didn’t kill it remember!

Google ImageGoogle Image

Well, I stayed up til 6:30am Friday morning. Before hubby went to work we checked and shook all the pillow (all 5 of em), shook the blanket, made sure the bed skirt was in fact off the floor (tucking it in under the mattress) and I rolled up into my blanket like a cocoon. I finally dozed off to be awakening at 8:00am to my little Jade wanting a cookie.

Five Question Friday

1. What is your current favorite tv show?
If ONLY I just had one current show.. 😀
House,Bones,Lie to Me, Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Swamp People, Ax Men, Bachlorette & Pawn Stars
2. What’s the worst haircut you ever got?
When I was young I had my hair cut up over my ears. I think I was in 2nd grade, gosh what was I thinking!? My mom let me decide what I wanted. I never went that high again, ha!

3. What was something that you did as a child that you thought you were so cool for doing?
I would tie my bangs up on my head, like a pony tail, except its just your bangs, then I would part it tot make it look like pigtails. My nickname for that was Pebbles.

4. Do you have any GREAT frugal family fun tips?
The frugal family fun tip – Go with the flow! Don’t be so uptight, and just let things happen. It is suppose to be “fun” 😛

5. Would you drive across country if you had the money to fly?
I would say I would like to drive across country. Driving you can stop, take pictures, visit places on your way. If you just fly, only thing you can do is just take pictures of cloud where you “think” something might be.

Its that Day

  I remember my step dad very well. He would take us fishing. He did tell me one time that talking would scare the fish away, every since I don’t talk a lot when I’m fishing. I now have a lot of patience when it comes to fishing, if I don’t have Jade with me.
We would also load up in his truck and go for a ride. It was usually over the mountain, or to spin around in snow. He loved his trucks, and his car, even though it sat in the yard. It was an ’85 Mustang Cobra. He loved that car, he would even cut the grass around it, ha! When we would go riding he would always make me laugh by showing me how a horse eats corn, or he would sing to the rock classics that played through the speakers.
If I fell asleep in the car/truck he would pick me up and take me in the house. I was usually knocked out, and wouldn’t remember, but I would always know he done it. Nothing like your daddy to wrap his arms around you. You feel so protected, and loved, you feel safe and secure.

Now I don’t have that “daddy” figure anymore. More about my (ex) step dad here.

Since I don’t have a dad to say Happy Fathers Day to, I do have my husband, my pawpaw and my mom. I can always wish them a Happy Father’s Day. These 3 have never left me hanging dry, and they have been close when I really needed them most and for that I will thank them.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men, single moms, and to all the grand-dads! I hope your Father’s Day is a fantastic one! You all deserve it.

A Date Night

Hubby and I ventured out yesterday (Friday). Before we went out I was working in my yard. Hubby kept telling me I need to hurry we have bad weather coming through. Well, BLAH! I wanted to get all this done, since I have more of my flowerbeds done, now I just need to get to weeding out grass. While I was planting some more monkey grass, hubby was helping with making the holes bigger, and dividing it up so I can just place it in the hole and cover it up. I got halfway done with my 22 holes and it starts thundering, the more times it thunders, the closer it gets. I was hurrying up, throwing the grass in the hole, getting dirt and placing it in there. I don’t think I have moved that fast in a long time. When I went to stand up, it felt like I was going to fall over. I don’t guess you need to be leaning over for too long, ha!
Anyway, we got half of them in Hubby ran Jade in, gave her a bath. As I walked to the house I could feel my phone falling from my boobs. UGH! My hands where full, a drink, wow I can’t even remember everything I had, hahaha! Yeah, so I stopped in the hallway and told hubby to save my phone. (I forgot I put my phone between my boobs). Hubby starts joking around about it and tossed my phone in his chair and took back off to help Jade in the tub. I got me something to eat (since I didn’t eat breakfast and I took my diet pill, not a good combo), filled up my drink, grabbed my phone and went outside to wait for them to get out of the bathroom so I can get my shower and get ready to go to the movies.
As I sat outside I looked at my phone, tried to turn it on, because it often just goes off by itself. I had no luck getting it to turn on. At this point I feel like everything isn’t going right. My phone is being stupid, my flowers are not all planted, and I still have to get a shower before the storm moves in. I watch the clouds and try to fix my phone, taking it apart, putting it back together, beating it, lol! I finally stood up to take it to hubby. While I stood up, the chair I was sitting in fell off the porch, due to a little gust of wind and my legs pushed it back since I stepped back before going forward.
I gave my phone to my hubby and he put my sim card in his phone, handed me his phone and tried to fix my phone. (No Luck with my phone, Hubby says it has gone loopy! and for good this time) Sigh.
I finally get a shower, get out. I don’t even flat iron my hair. As I was drying my hair the storm started. You could hear the wind howling, lightning popping and the thunder rolling. I got half of my hair dried when I went to look out the living room window, right in time to see the lightning hit in the yard. It was a nasty storm, you can see pictures of what it did to Life’s Little Slices garden since she just lives 5 miles from me.
We get to Lisa’s house; leave Jade and head on our way to see X-men. I have to say I liked the movie. It brought everything together from the other movies. Some parts were corny, but what movie now-a-days doesn’t have corny crap in it? It was definitely a lot of action, and it was really worth it for me. After the movie I ask hubby where were going to eat, and he takes me McDonald’s, so I super size it, LOL! JK!! He did take me to McDonald’s though.  Not much on my diet, but I did only eat half of the burger, and half of the fries. 🙂 So, I did pretty good.
How was your Friday or your week?

Weight-Loss Update!

Most of my readers know I was going through a hard time in May. Dealing with just normal battles that gets thrown at you. I did manage to lose another 6lbs!!! OMG. I was so grateful to have lost weight. It was such a rough month for me. I have, however, have lost 19lbs since the beginning!!! Beginning of which was April. I am down to 172 🙂 I am soooo happy!! I will be taking my “diet-pill” through this month as well. Which I am thankful for! Also, I went to the doctor to tell him about my allergies. I haven’t been able to breathe, my throat is itchy, Im coughing like you got something caught in your throat, it is horrible… Well, I ask before I leave if I could have a shot. He told me No. I then begged him, he looked at me and said, nope, the shot will make you gain weight. Hmmmph! Well that solved that, so I did get some pills though, I am hoping it will help and I sure as heck dont need anything that will make me gain weight :/
On some more important news…

My Pawpaws Birthday was yesterday. I called him to wish him a happy birthday, least I thought so. I got told that they went in and had to “scoop” out a growth in his bladder, which is cancer, but we wont know which kind till next week. They don’t think it will be anything serious, but they will still send it off. It didn’t have roots or any attention to spread. So, I called Pawpaw today to tell him I did call, and glad to hear he is back home and doing well. He wasn’t in the hospital long, just a few hours, but anything can be worrisome. So that just added to my “month” of bad things happening. But of course I will pray that all this will end, maybe eventually I can even breath again.

Ohhhh, on a good note. I did work out in my “landscaping” today. It was nice to get outside and watch my work come to life. I just need to transplant some more “monkey grass” (thats what we call it here in the south). Till Tomorrow my friends.

Frog Bites

Yesterday, Jade and I packed up to head to my moms. We got to my moms and Jade found Nana’s strawberries in the refrigerator. Jade would get the strawberries; peel the green leafs off, then find her way into the living room. Mom and I noticed Jade was eating the strawberries, but we weren’t watching her very closely. Jade would eventually come back and ask for more. She would again peel the leaf off of the strawberries and would priss walk back into the living room.

As Mom and I finished eating our Chicken Wraps, washed the dishes, and put up the leftovers, Jade would come back in the kitchen to get some more strawberries. We all got into the living room to watch Did You Hear About the Morgan’s, all of us got nested into the couch or a chair when Jade kept finding more strawberries.

All image rights go to the Markers and Crew of the movie "Did You Hear About The Morgan's?"

My mom decides to try to find the strawberries, as Jade was hiding them behind her toy on the ottoman. Mom picked up the strawberries and every one of them had a “frog bite”. Mom told Jade that she needed to eat all the strawberries, just not little frog bites. Jade turns to look at her Nana as she says, “No! I’m alllllllll Donnnneee Nana!”. Needless to say, Jade never finished the strawberries.

Chicken Wraps
1 Whole Wheat Wrap
Rotisserie Chicken Strips (Shredded)
Sour Cream
Cheese made with 2% milk
Place the Wrap into a skillet, or on a plate.
Cut strips from the Rotisserie Chicken
Spread Salsa and Cheese
Wait till Cheese is melted (On stove or Microwave)
Add Sour Cream last
Then wrap it up 🙂 Of course you can add your own toppings 🙂 You could even grill the wrap on the grill… mmmm make it crunchy!
Did You Hear About the Morgan’s I really enjoyed this movie. This is a great movie to watch with kiddos, (not really the beginning for kids, since there is shooting and a murder at the first), or to watch with your hubby. Grab a nice cup of Hot Chocolate, your Chicken Wrap, blanket, and begin your cozy night in 🙂


Me & Hubby

I have currently been in a relationship with my hubby! We have been together since April 11, 2004. Yes, I remember the date. I know a typical woman, haha!! We started living together since May 2004, right after I graduated high school. I had my car packed and ready to go. We lived with his friends til August then we moved into my moms house. We have been in and out of different houses since, but not because we wanted to. When we had to move it was due to us needing to be closer to his work, or the house was falling apart, or something cheaper… gotta love it, eh? We got married Oct 15, 2005  I love him!! We had our daughter in 2007.

Don’t get me wrong, every marriage has its battles, but if you can get through them, you can get through anything! If you are wanting it to work, you will dig deep enough for your roots to grow. You have to stand your ground and know what you want before jumping in, otherwise you never know how deep the water is til you hit the rock on your tailbone.

My husband is my rock. He is our provider, care giver, our source maker.. and mine! He does everything he can to make us happy and I truly do love him without a doubt. He will always be where I need him to be, even if he thinks its fishing, ha! Jk.


 Today, I am thinking. I have been thinking about these things since Jade turned 3, December. I want us to have another baby. I don’t want Jade growing up feeling alone like I did. I want her to be able to have someone to play with when her sibling gets old enough, but I don’t want them not wanting to play with each other due to age differences. I was thinking about waiting till she starts Pre-K next August (2012), but it took us over a year to get pregnant with Jade. I had a terrible time when she got here, due to Rh factor, her being in NICU for 9 days, and so on. Also, we only have 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, so then I was thinking on waiting till we had enough room for 2 kiddos. So they can each have their own room or space, but with waiting could be more than a year, or 2 or 5 years.

If it takes a year or longer to get pregnant then Jade will already be in school, but being 4-5 years apart make a difference? I don’t know the answers to the question since I was the only one playing with my imaginary friends, or toys, being the teacher to my dolls in my room, and playing on my swing.  Since I know some of my readers have kids, maybe you could give me advice?

I am a stay at home mom, and of course like most parents you go through the in and outs of wanting another child, baring the pressure of another kid, and more things you have to have responsibility for. I know parenting isn’t easy, but if you want something, then you have to make changes and accept that things happen. You have to think differently, and find time to bring another child into the world.

I also want to get back to my “goal” weight of 120lbs, but with wanting another baby.. Idk LOL

I guess I will just have to wait and see, who knows, right? If we do have another baby.. I think Jade is going to be jealous. She throws a fit if Hubby even touches me, kisses me, and holds my hand or we are too close. 😀 the joys of motherhood.

Laughs in the Sun

It is a wonderful time, to sit in the water, or a pool,
drink your soda and eat the brownies too.
To smile, and laugh at all the fun we had.
To lay back in the water to get my hair wet.
I kick and giggle as I splash,
as the drops of water fall down my back.
I giggle through the chanting of others,
as I hold my hand up to block my eyes from the sun,
it is too bright.
Now all I need is my mom’s camera,
to point at me, as I smile.
We all had some laughs in the Sun;
I hope your weekend was as happy as mine.

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