Perfect Vacation

I sit here and think about my perfect vacation. I think about Hubby and I going away for a weekend/a week, just us. Maybe a cabin in the mountains, or a beach house right near the ocean.

A cabin in the mountains, full deck wrapped around, a hot tub in the corner of the deck overlooking the changing leaves on the trees below. As you walked into the living room/sitting area there would be a big screen tv up above the fireplace, and a jetted tub in the master bath.
I think about the peacefulness, and stress free, breathing clean air with no neighbors, or the sound of cars/trucks screaming down the highway. I picture us enjoying ourselves, shooting pool, or cuddling up to watch a movie, or his arms wrapped around my waist as we watch the sun set in the tree tops.
I can hear the birds chirping in the mornings, and the smell of breakfast drifting into the bedroom early in the mornings.
Sounds like a perfect get-a-way to the mountains to me.

A beach house right at the ocean. You could sit on the porch and watch the waves crash into the sand, you could see the boats in the distance as they disappeared over the horizon.
The salty air feeling your senses as you open the door to dig your freshly painted toes into the warm sand. I could stand there and picture us walking hand in hand into the rising sun after morning breakfast. As we walk down the beach and play in the water, kicking the ocean water onto each other, playing and laughing.
I can picture sitting in a beach chair with an umbrella as I read a book waiting for the sun to almost set. Hubby escaping to the pier for an afternoon of fishing with some locals.

Sometimes as I look back, really my perfect vacations is nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal vacation, but also a break from the little one. Don’t get me wrong I love Jade, but some times Mommy and Daddy needs a date night too.

What would be your perfect Vacation? Is it the “normal” or would you want to go do something wild?

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