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Google Image 30 days of Truth is about bringing out the best in yourself. Also, to let people see the “real” you through what you write. For thirty days I will write about myself, I will dig deep and I hope you can start this journey with me. 30 days of Truth; Are you ready!?

Day 19 – What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

I am a believer in God, Jesus… I am a Christian. I am a non-church goer at this time, however, I still believe.
I quit going to church a long time ago. The reason…. (sigh)
Well, I want to go find a church that isn’t about “judging”. When I was younger I was always looked at and viewed.
An example: One night my fellow boyfriend wanted to come to church with me. I thought it was really nice of him wanting to come to my church, as I usually went to his church on Wednesdays Nights. Well, Wednesday Night at my church was fun. We would have a normal class, then we could play basketball and chit-chat about things. We would joke around and have fun, kids being kids.
However, this night changed my life, forever. I went to church to show off let my boyfriend see my friends, and hang out with my church “family”. We are holding hands, talking, and laughing with the group when one of the church leaders comes up to me and wanted to talk to me “privately”. I didn’t know what it was going to be about, but I felt as though I was in the principals office and now I need to call my momma.
The Guy: What do you think you’re doing?
Me: I dunno? Having fun?
The Guy: You think this is “normal” to bring your boyfriend here?
Me: Yeah, why not?
At this point my blood is raging! I stomp over to my boyfriend, called my mom and proceed to wait for my mom to come pick us up. Boyfriend and I at this time are young, we don’t even have vehicles, which less license! I finally come to the conclusion that the Youth Director was insinuating that I was sleeping with my boyfriend. That it wasn’t normal to be dating, and that I was in the wrong. What my Youth Director didn’t know was that my boyfriend and I barely hold hands, barely talk, barely see each other, other than Movies on Friday nights, and church events during the week, because he didn’t even attend the same school as me. Well, after that I night I stopped going to church for a while. I eventually found another church, but that’s for another day.

My views on religion… Well, don’t judge someone till you have been in their shoes and you know all the facts. Don’t tell them “how” to live their life, and who is to say even though you are a pastor, teacher, director or the leader that you have a right to judge anyone? Reach out a hand when you see your love one fall, or a church member, don’t go poking a stick in their chest, it will just make them feel worse than they already do. Also, someone who believes and read their bible at home, is just as good as someone who goes to church on Sunday morning, evening or Wednesday night, or more (depends on your religion). I, however, like to sit at home and worship in peace and not have anyone judge me about why I wasn’t at church or why I didn’t wear better clothes. I have more things in this world to worry about, and I would hope you do to.

When I turn on the News or CNN I have no clue what they are even talking about! It is like a foreign language to me. I don’t even vote, I don’t pick sides, I don’t do anything but sit my tail on my couch and mind my own business.

I do, however, pay attention to the President Election. If I did vote I would vote for the person I think would make this a better place. I would vote for someone who I thought/think would make the right decisions. I don’t believe in sticking with your “democrat/liberal/or whatever” ways. I believe it should be voted on what they talk about and how they act than what side of the politic side they are one, but that is just my opinion, so please don’t blow me up, haha!

What are you views on religion or politics?

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President, What!?

I personally don’t think I would be good in politics anyways. I don’t care anything about politics, much less being a President, King, or Prime-minister.

I also believe our government is truly messed up anyway! They did that all on their own, without my help, thank gosh! I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I stepped through the door at the “office”.

I, however, do believe that people on Welfare, food stamps, and any other government help should have to take drug tests. I don’t believe in people who have babies, just to get money. I also don’t believe in people totally living off the government if they are perfectly normal!

Another thing is custody battles. I don’t believe that a child should just automatically go to the mom. I believe there should be investigations done to see where the child should be placed during custody. A child should have love, toys, a clean environment, their own space, and it should totally rest on the well-being on the child. It shouldn’t be strictly an one way street! Sometimes the dad in the child’s life, might be best for the child!

As I was looking through some of my friends on Facebook I have noticed that they had problems with the government due to the “No Child Left Behind“. My opinion is that if a child is not where he/she should be during that school year, than why not hold him/her back to get the best out of the child? Why just keep moving the child forward through school, how will this help the child in the future? If they are reading on a 4th grade level, why move them into a 6th grade reading class? How does that make sense? So, again, think what is “best” for the child, not what is “best” for the school!

I wouldn’t know where to begin with government policies, so please don’t bully my post, into what you think or what you think I should think. I am just politely stating my opinions, ha!

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