Day 07: A song that reminds you of a certain event

This song reminds me of the day Jitter/Lauren/Wifey called me and I sang this tune to her on the phone, with hubby in the drivers seat while we pulled up to McDs. One day we even got in wedding dresses on a virtual world and twirled around to this song. She has been a big part of my life, and is coming down in August to spend a whole weekend with me. I can’t wait 🙂 She is truly a one of kind best friend at heart (since I haven’t met her yet) but counting down the days till I will see her. She will never know how much she has helped me through some things, from my endless venting to her “story of her life”. Here is the song, I hope you enjoy it and its not There Goes My Baby.. its There Goes My Wifey ❤ I love ya Lauren! (and no weird-os were not gay!) We are just very “special” LOL!!

Here is our Christmas Pic this past yr in our secret world. Ahhh the memories Miss you Girly, but at least now I have you in my real life.

Music Challenge
Day 06: A song that reminds of you of somewhere
Day 05: A song that reminds you of someone
Day 04: A song that makes you sad

Day 03: A song that makes you happy
Day 02: Your least favorite song

Day 01: Your favorite song

Rough Ride

Going to Church with or without him.. Something has to give. 🙂 Time to step forward instead of backwards, time to pull it together, than bite my tongue every time I turn around, its time to make a difference, rather it is for us or me.

This weekend has been hard on me, mentally and emotionally. Its time for a change. I will make a change. I will figure this out all own my own.

This Weekend; so far

It has been a clumpy weekend so far.

I went to the Doctor on Friday; got 5 meds I have to take, sometimes 2x a day.
I have allergy medicine to take at night, antibiotics for kidney infection take 2x a day, diet pill, nose spray (take 2x a day), and another one to treat another infection. It is like an ongoing thing. With taking all these at once I seem to be pretty out of it, not like sleepy, but my emotions are at the end. Everything is getting to me.

I worked in my landscaping project yesterday. While I was digging holes to plant my “monkey grass” I noticed the dirt was clumpy and rocky looking. I really didn’t pay attention till I had 15 holes dug and was already trying to plant my grass in the hole. I was sitting down trying to break up the clumpy pieces and it was like trying to break rocks. Husband looked me at me and he was like, “Nice going. You decided to put your flower bed in sandstone dirt.” Well, I continued to try to break up the pieces, trying to find the moisture clumps and failing at everything I grab. I gave up after it was taking me 10 minutes to plant one batch of grass. I walked away from it, seeing my project was draining away. It is at these times where you start asking yourself why everything you touch has to fall apart or never seem to work. I sat on the porch and thought about it over and over.

As I was sitting and thinking what I am going to do, Hubby walks by with the water hose. He looks at me and asks for me to cut the water on. I simply look at him and tell him no that I was resting. (Remember I have been working in my project. I went back forth about 12 times laying the grass at each hole. I got 2 of them in the holes took 10 minutes each, so I am resting).

Well, Hubby has starting getting smart with me and blah, blah, blah. I tried to tune out most of it, because it is the only thing I know to do sometimes. So, I am still sitting on the steps, looking at my landscaping wondering where I could get nicer dirt at. I need dirt that isn’t trying to form into rocks. I am looking away from hubby (he is watering the chickens). Next thing I know Hubby is now spraying me down with the water hose. UGHHH!! I got so mad. Now I have mud dripping off me, because I have been working in the dirt for awhile. I was so mad I was now in tears. I picked up my phone and walked off. I needed to cool off, gather my brain, and try again.

I went walking for awhile, about 30 minutes or so, give or take, or take and give. I got back to my project Hubby helped me put my grass in the holes, I covered them up, made sure all the hard clumps where out and we finally got it done. I stayed outside and watered my flowers as it got darker by night. It was so peaceful during that time; it was like I could think clearly and figure out what I had to do next.

So, my next thing is… is to get something to mix with the dirt so it won’t dry out so much.

Here in the south it is hard to find something that will help stay moisturized. You are looking at the temperature being in the high 90s, humid, and pollen counts through the roof. One idea is getting potting soil to mix with the dirt and then getting mulch to cover the top.

I still got some thinking to do, but I need to get outside and get my doors done. I shall return later. 🙂

Sit Back, Relax, Enjoy

Day 3: A Song That Makes You Happy?

This song as to be on of the ones that make me think happy thoughts.
When Savoy and I were dating, he would listen to this song, blaring from his speakers, while fixing his truck. He would play it so much that I now know the lyrics to it. As most of you would know I am not really a country listener, but I have feel in love with this song, when of course Savoy would start singing it to me. It brings back a lot of moments when we was young, loving life as best as we could. Now look at us? LOL 🙂 Apparently, we can hang on for better rides, and play this song as we head out to somewhere. Enjoy it folks, because I have!

Dinosaur – Hank Williams Jr

This song brings me back to rollerskating days… I hope you enjoy it too and if you don’t like country then just scroll on down!

Tim McGraw – Something Like That

I fell in love with this song when I heard it in Twilight. Every time I hear it now I have to turn it up. It has to be one of the best songs. It brings back a lot of memories and things that make me laugh. I hope you enjoy it.

Paramore – Decode

Music Challenge
Day 02: Your least favorite song
Day 01: Your favorite song

Weight-Loss Update!

Most of my readers know I was going through a hard time in May. Dealing with just normal battles that gets thrown at you. I did manage to lose another 6lbs!!! OMG. I was so grateful to have lost weight. It was such a rough month for me. I have, however, have lost 19lbs since the beginning!!! Beginning of which was April. I am down to 172 🙂 I am soooo happy!! I will be taking my “diet-pill” through this month as well. Which I am thankful for! Also, I went to the doctor to tell him about my allergies. I haven’t been able to breathe, my throat is itchy, Im coughing like you got something caught in your throat, it is horrible… Well, I ask before I leave if I could have a shot. He told me No. I then begged him, he looked at me and said, nope, the shot will make you gain weight. Hmmmph! Well that solved that, so I did get some pills though, I am hoping it will help and I sure as heck dont need anything that will make me gain weight :/
On some more important news…

My Pawpaws Birthday was yesterday. I called him to wish him a happy birthday, least I thought so. I got told that they went in and had to “scoop” out a growth in his bladder, which is cancer, but we wont know which kind till next week. They don’t think it will be anything serious, but they will still send it off. It didn’t have roots or any attention to spread. So, I called Pawpaw today to tell him I did call, and glad to hear he is back home and doing well. He wasn’t in the hospital long, just a few hours, but anything can be worrisome. So that just added to my “month” of bad things happening. But of course I will pray that all this will end, maybe eventually I can even breath again.

Ohhhh, on a good note. I did work out in my “landscaping” today. It was nice to get outside and watch my work come to life. I just need to transplant some more “monkey grass” (thats what we call it here in the south). Till Tomorrow my friends.

Frog Bites

Yesterday, Jade and I packed up to head to my moms. We got to my moms and Jade found Nana’s strawberries in the refrigerator. Jade would get the strawberries; peel the green leafs off, then find her way into the living room. Mom and I noticed Jade was eating the strawberries, but we weren’t watching her very closely. Jade would eventually come back and ask for more. She would again peel the leaf off of the strawberries and would priss walk back into the living room.

As Mom and I finished eating our Chicken Wraps, washed the dishes, and put up the leftovers, Jade would come back in the kitchen to get some more strawberries. We all got into the living room to watch Did You Hear About the Morgan’s, all of us got nested into the couch or a chair when Jade kept finding more strawberries.

All image rights go to the Markers and Crew of the movie "Did You Hear About The Morgan's?"

My mom decides to try to find the strawberries, as Jade was hiding them behind her toy on the ottoman. Mom picked up the strawberries and every one of them had a “frog bite”. Mom told Jade that she needed to eat all the strawberries, just not little frog bites. Jade turns to look at her Nana as she says, “No! I’m alllllllll Donnnneee Nana!”. Needless to say, Jade never finished the strawberries.

Chicken Wraps
1 Whole Wheat Wrap
Rotisserie Chicken Strips (Shredded)
Sour Cream
Cheese made with 2% milk
Place the Wrap into a skillet, or on a plate.
Cut strips from the Rotisserie Chicken
Spread Salsa and Cheese
Wait till Cheese is melted (On stove or Microwave)
Add Sour Cream last
Then wrap it up 🙂 Of course you can add your own toppings 🙂 You could even grill the wrap on the grill… mmmm make it crunchy!
Did You Hear About the Morgan’s I really enjoyed this movie. This is a great movie to watch with kiddos, (not really the beginning for kids, since there is shooting and a murder at the first), or to watch with your hubby. Grab a nice cup of Hot Chocolate, your Chicken Wrap, blanket, and begin your cozy night in 🙂

Skip, Fast Forward, Turn it off, NEXT

Day 02: Your least favorite song

I have this song that I hate hearing. If it comes on the radio I will change it. You might think its the best song, but geeee it is played too much. Even though I love Eminem, but this song has to go…

B.O.B – Airplanes

Just In Case You Missed yesterdays Music Challenge:
Day 01: Your favorite song

Endless Nights With Toilet Paper

 Today, as I was sweating from my pores, while sitting in the house of course my nose starts to run. It seems my allergies just come and go as they please, usually ending up on the days that I am suffering. Suffering from heat or other problems that go on in my life. So, now before I bed I will grab my toilet paper, pillow, and sheet to lay in front of the air conditioning as it blows in my face. This somehow helps pull the pressure off my cheek bones, and I can eventually drift off into the endless night of sleep, unless of course my legs starts to ache, or my nose starts to drain. I will, however, pull a sheet of toilet paper off the roll and form it into a small rectangle, just big enough to fit in my nostril as I lay my head down on my pillow. This keeps me from sniffling or my nose draining down my face or making my pillow wet. I have took my Benadryl that really isn’t working. I have took a shower to stand in the mist of the hot water, trimmed my nose hairs, now just getting off here to slide in my bed next to my hubby. I hope you have a good night as I have the happy sniffles til I dose off into the night.

May 29th Diet

Well, this month has been highs and lows 😦
My motivation keeps slacking every time I turn around. This month its been bladder infections off and on for 2 weeks, not going to the bathroom like I should, a crappy womanly flow and just blah! I have been busy with all my projects but my motivation has been lacking. I want to get things done, but don’t feel the energy to find it. (Sorry if some of you are at a TMI moment)

So, What I ate today…

Breakfast: 1 cup cereal 1/2 cup 2% milk
Lunch: Nodda
Snack: Nodda
Dinner: Double Cheeseburger meal (only ate the burger and around 10 fries) with a sweet tea (Water is always gross there).

Exercise: my eyes when I go to sleep

I have tooooooo find my motivation!!! It is one of those jvnjfnvjnjnvjndv moments. HA! Tomorrow, will be another day to try to get my feet off the ground!


 Today, I am thinking. I have been thinking about these things since Jade turned 3, December. I want us to have another baby. I don’t want Jade growing up feeling alone like I did. I want her to be able to have someone to play with when her sibling gets old enough, but I don’t want them not wanting to play with each other due to age differences. I was thinking about waiting till she starts Pre-K next August (2012), but it took us over a year to get pregnant with Jade. I had a terrible time when she got here, due to Rh factor, her being in NICU for 9 days, and so on. Also, we only have 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, so then I was thinking on waiting till we had enough room for 2 kiddos. So they can each have their own room or space, but with waiting could be more than a year, or 2 or 5 years.

If it takes a year or longer to get pregnant then Jade will already be in school, but being 4-5 years apart make a difference? I don’t know the answers to the question since I was the only one playing with my imaginary friends, or toys, being the teacher to my dolls in my room, and playing on my swing.  Since I know some of my readers have kids, maybe you could give me advice?

I am a stay at home mom, and of course like most parents you go through the in and outs of wanting another child, baring the pressure of another kid, and more things you have to have responsibility for. I know parenting isn’t easy, but if you want something, then you have to make changes and accept that things happen. You have to think differently, and find time to bring another child into the world.

I also want to get back to my “goal” weight of 120lbs, but with wanting another baby.. Idk LOL

I guess I will just have to wait and see, who knows, right? If we do have another baby.. I think Jade is going to be jealous. She throws a fit if Hubby even touches me, kisses me, and holds my hand or we are too close. 😀 the joys of motherhood.

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