Jade and I stayed at my moms for the past 2 days.  Jade learned so much from Trash Trucks, Dumpster Diving, Mail Box, and other vast of things.

Where we live we don’t have a mailbox because the address is messed up, so we have a PO Box. We don’t have trash pickup, because it is easier to haul it off (So says my Hubby 😛 Love you Hubby!) We don’t have close neighbors, so no dumpster diving on the curb. Because of all this, Jade has never retrieved a letter from a mailbox, so at Nana’s she was so excited. She came running to Nana saying “YOU GOT A LETTER NANA!!” Her eyes were lit up from joy and she was running back and forth from the window to her Nana. As Nana went outside Jade started singing “We just got a letter” from Blue’s Clues.

The trash people came, not even 10 mins later (give or take a few). Jade didn’t know what the truck was or did for that matter. She kept telling Nana that the people were taking her stuff. We explained to her why and where they take it. I think she got the idea, but who knows.

My mom lives in a subdivision, so a lot of people throw out stuff just because it doesn’t work. Her neighbor threw out a grill. I was determined to check in to it, but I never have been nosing through stuff. Jade didn’t know exactly what was I doing or wanting to do. I told her that sometimes people throw out things that can be reused for something else, or you might can fix the object, if it is fixable, but sometimes it just needs to be thrown away.

We explained to Jade about the little blue boxes for recycling and showed her the triangles for recycling. Once we got inside we got out a jar and pointed out the triangle for her to get a better understanding.

I guess living in the Rural parts of the world, we are “sheltered” by what goes on in the world. I now know Jade knows though and these past two days will be something she never forgets.

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