Christmas the Art of Giving

St. Nicholas – modern-day Santa Claus

Nicholas lived during the third and fourth centuries in a small village now known as Turkey. He grew up in a wealthy family. but both parents died in an epidemic when he was young. Nicholas’ deep faith led him to take Jesus’ word to heart. He set out to sell what he owned and to give the money to the poor. Nicholas spent the rest of his life-giving his fortune away. He cared for widows, orphans, the sick, suffering, sailors, and children. His life work was giving.

it is amazing we can celebrate Christmas with such love not only for the birth of Jesus, but yet to bring toys for kids to also show compassion for Nicholas – showing his Faith and wisdom.

Christmas is a spiritual season – the perfect gift given already – the Son of God. One of the best things about Christmas is the generosity we ca offer to celebrate by spending time with our family, our friends, and the Son of God.

A lot of time we get caught up into buying presents that we forget the true meaning of Christmas.

I remember not only the gifts during Christmas, but reading the story from the Bible. We would take turns every year, it would be another kid/another grandchild. My Grandpa would wait till we finished reading the story to break down the true meaning of us gathering near the tree. After we would have the discussion the kids got to pass out the presents in celebration of Jesus’ life.

Those are the moments I will never forget, and now I can pass down the tradition to my kid/kids.

As the time comes closer to Christmas try to remember the real reason of the celebration. Don’t be too stressed due to money, or wondering how you’re going to visit everyone. Just relax, smile, and be devoted to Him for that’s what the Son of God would want us to do.

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