Put the Shut to the Up

Sometimes we just need to SHUT UP and Listen.

I don’t mean looking at someone while they’re talking and being quiet while your brain is thinking about tomorrow, or your TO-DO list. I mean fully tuned in and listen to every word that the person says.

Did you know that usually when someone asks a question they want you to ask the same question back to them? It is their way of showing you how to communicate with them. They are giving you something to break the ice – something to talk about.

Jesus spent most of His time asking questions. Did you know in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus asked close to 100 questions?

The hardest thing to do sometimes is be still and listen. We just got to tell ourselves to shut up, tell our mind to be quiet and our feet to be still.

Psalm 81:13 “If my people would but listen to me.”
Matthew 11:15 “He who has ears, let him ear.”
James 1:19 “Should be quick to listen and slow to speak.”

Are you a listener?
Do you often interrupt others while they’re talking?

Now, I am by far the best listener, but I’ll never forget what someone tells me. I may forget the pity stuff, but the real stuff sticks like glue. If I’m truly still and listening I’ll remember what they tell me. I’ll even give advice when wanted and try to help that person if I can. Often times our friends/family just want someone to listen.

Don’t be a story stealer if you’re talking to someone. The common “If you think that is something…”, or the “Oh, that’s not nothing” routine. Let the person talk, you are more likely to lose friends if you constantly steal their story.

Epictetus “Nature gave us one tongue and two ears, we so could hear twice as much as we speak.”
Proverbs 18:13 “He who answers before listening – that is his folly and his shame”

So, are you a good listener?


Time To Stand Up

I know I have been MIA for awhile, and during the time I have been away some of you have reached out by email. I would like to say thank you for that. I am doing well, just getting by day by day, trying to hold myself together so to speak.

Since yesterday, however, I have felt stuck between a rock and a hard place, not knowing if I should reach out, or continue burying my head in the sand and pretend nothing bothers me, but reality hit me. Well, yesterday I got the news of my Grandpa is in ICU (this is the dad of my ex-step-dad), so in the mist of yesterday and talking to my grandmother, my mom, my Aunts.. I am bound and determined to do what is right for me.

Ever since the letter to my Step-dad. I have felt relief. I have felt that it did help. However, finding out that my Grandpa is in ICU yesterday I broke down. Why is it I am letting my ex-Step dad hold the value of who my family is? If he doesn’t want to see me he can walk away. I have pushed myself away from a whole family all because I was hurt, broken, and confused. Not knowing who I could trust, or who I could turn to, but you know..  Life happens. I was a child then, and it has been 6 years, it is time for me to heal, time for me to reach back out to my family. I was there since I was 2 (and I am 26 years old now), I think I deserve for my heart to be somewhat complete again. No more trying to make someone else happy. It is time for me to open my arms and fly.

I am going Saturday to visit my Grandfather. I haven’t seen him in a very long time. I am sure it is going to awkward, and tense, but it will be worth it. I just have to move the rock out of my way and do what I think is right.

Ohh Yeahh Im Kicking

Tomorrow, I will update on my blog hops, but right now is a time to update yall with whats going on with me.

My neck is still hurting, but I have managed to somewhat keep my weight under control. I will know more November 3rd when I go back to the dr for a check up, but I get to start my weight loss pills once my neck heals, so right now I am just resting, reading to Jade and spending time with my hubby.

Most of you know hubby just went on 8 hr work days and off on weekends, but after this semester it looks like he will be put back on swing shift and only off every other weekend. When he was on swing shift last time he was only home 1 day per week due to mandatory overtime, so I am taking this time and spending all the amounts I can with him. 😀 Because I just might love him a little bit haha!

I will update as the weeks roll on. I am sorry I havent been commenting, visiting your blogs, or anything, but I promise it will get there eventually. I also will be posting book reviews, as that seems to be what I do now, lay and read lol.

I miss all of you 😀 and I hope you guys are doing well and having a fabulous weekend.

Hugs and such virtually,


How is your weekend? Anything exciting happening?

Five Question Friday

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1. Do you prefer your ice cream in a bowl or in a cone?

In a cup, please, then bring me the cone!

2. What three things do you love the smell of?

– Laundry Detergent while in the dryer. The fragrance lingers through the air. Love it!
– The smell of Rain, which by the way we had 3 days of.
– Coffee brewing, or a coffee candle.. YUM

3. Gift-cards or no? (In regards of Gift giving…)

Personally. I like Gift cards. You can then buy what you want, and you don’t have to worry about getting something twice, or something you really didn’t need. I think Gift-cards is a great idea. People say that they don’t think it is the “right” thing to do, but what is “right” any more? This is a new day in age and I think we need to pick up our feet and move with it.
On another hand, I wouldn’t give gift cards all the time. I think Birthdays should be special, this is the time for that person and to show you are thinking about them on this precious day. Christmas, why not? Hand out Gift cards for the older crowd, or parents and buy toys for the children.

4.What sports did you play in high school if any and do you still play them?

Well, if playing a Clarinet is a sport then that’s what I did in high school. Do I still play them? Are you kidding me? lol!! Oh, well nooo. 6 or 7 years was enough of playing for me.

5. Were you in a band in high school? What instrument did you play?

Ha! I totally answered that in #4… I guess I get a cookie for predicting the future? (and no I really didn’t know what question #5 was before I answered #4. I answer one question at a time.. probably another thing I can add to my OCD collection.

What would your answers be? I hope your Friday is going great! I miss you guys, and I am trying to get back posting, slowly. Hugs and warm thoughts to you all.

Punctuations; I must!

Got these from Pinterest 🙂 Smiling Yet? I hope so.

I had a Second Life

Google Image

Second Life is an online virtual world developed by Linden Lab. It was launched on June 23, 2003. A number of free client programs, or Viewers, enable Second Life users, called Residents, to interact with each other through avatars. Residents can explore the world (known as the grid), meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade virtual property and services with one another. Second Life is intended for people aged 16 and over, and as of 2011 has about one million active users.
— By Wikipedia

My Second Life began in October 25, 2008.
Before my Second Life; I went 3 years with no friends, family, computer, or phone. I had a car, but really wasn’t able to drive it. I was bound at home with no real purpose but to clean house. I worked at a Dollar General that was about 30-45 minute drive from where we lived. Hubby would always complain about me working, but at that time it was a way for me to get out of the house. I helped him pay his bills (the bills he had before we got married) almost off, when he then renewed his loans to get Christmas money. I never felt so bad in my life. Working those months, 18 hours a week to be washed away with nothing to show for it. I never wanted worked again.
We lived an hour from anyone I knew. It was too much of a drive for friends and family to come see us. I felt lonely. I would get up around 3am to take Hubby to his ride to get to work, which was almost an hour drive there, then have to drive back. I would clean house and tend to the animals we had. Back then we didn’t have Jade. We did get married though.
Hubby finally got a job in the next state, which some of my family was. Now I was anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes away from family. I was able to see family, but still have no car to drive. (The car I did have, Hubby had a wreck and totaled it from falling asleep at the wheel, because his body was not ready for night shift – he is very lucky to be alive. He hit a tree head on, even had to climb out the driver side window).
Also, during this time Hubby wasn’t normal. You never knew he would snap, get outraged, or be “okay”. I made him to go to the doctor. I told him he wasn’t normal and something was not right, haha! Anyway, we did figure out it was his thyroid. (Which he will always be on medication for). Now, don’t get me wrong, he is better than he was! It is like seeing dark to light, but anyway back on track.

I started the game in ’08. I needed something to keep me busy, at this time Jade was about 10 months old. With the game, I had something I could rely on. I had friends, I talked to people on mic (which felt like talking to someone in RL just not in person). I would work “in world”, I could buy clothes (virtual ones, but it still felt nice). For a year on the game I was called a “square“, so I proved I wasn’t. I wished I would have stayed a “square“, but you can’t change everything, you can just change what is going on now.
I built amazing friendships in-game, even one that I will be able to meet Irl very soon 🙂 She lives in Maryland, but I talk to her on the phone now instead of in-game.
I stopped playing my online game March of this year, don’t get me wrong I still log on to check messages, and to “catch up” with friends, but nothing like I use to. I would spend hours and hours on the game, and I knew I had to change if I was going to build any type of relationship with my daughter.Which also, I started to get back to loving myself, and that is where my weight loss journey began.
Do I miss it? Sometimes – I miss knowing all the Top Songs, and the laughs.
Would I do it again? Yeah, but I wouldn’t let it control my life, like I was.
Would I suggest anyone to have a SL? Of course, just watch your limits, and be who you are. Don’t let others talk you into something you wouldn’t do in RL.

  • – You can gain friendships, if you are home alone all the time.
  • – You can feel normal, and find yourself again when you feel like you no longer know who you are.
  • – But it can start to take over your life, so just know you need limits.

Would I suggest this for married couples? Depends on the person. Be a “square” and be proud! Don’t dive to deep with emotions or feelings.
Just remember it is a game, just like Sims, or playing console games, just more interaction with real people on the other side.

I have seen this game almost break marriages.
I have seen this game build awesome friendships.
I have seen this game bring people closer together not just in SL but in RL too.
I have seen this game bring love together from 2 different parts of the world.
I have seen this game destroy “friendships” in-game.
You can make it what you want it, it is what you do that will make or break you.
Just know that eventually everything becomes “repetitive” once you learn most of the things, which takes about 2-3 years to see that haha! Don’t let it become an addiction.
All my words of wisdom 🙂
– Jenna

People Watching

We pulled into the gas station. Hubby parked so he can pump gas on the left side, and that way he can just walk straight in the door and pay. I usually people watch while at a gas station. Well, this time there was actually something to watch, haha.
While Hubby went inside I noticed this guy walking in circles in the parking lot, maybe more like figure 8s combined with circles. He was puffing on a cigarette and keeping his head low. He wore a gray and white stripped shirt with gray cargo shorts with flip-flops. His hair was all shagged out, looked as though he hadn’t washed in a few days, and never brushed it, but who knows.
He continued to walk around, the same pattern, then the lady beside me stopped pumping her gas, she climbed in her SUV and flashed her lights at the guy. The guy then stopped walking his pattern and walked straight to the side of the building (the side of the store with no door). The lady pulls into the parking spot, which took her about 5 minutes to pull into. She pulled her SUV inch by inch to get into that parking place, finally when she was satisfied she parks it.
The lady gets out of her vehicle about 2-3 times before she finally just decides to turn her car off and get out for good. The guy approached her when she walked to the side of the building. He was still keeping his head low and pacing.
After they talked the lady leans against the corner of the building and lights her cigarette. The lady had a scarf around her neck, dark big sunglasses, and her pulled up into a pony tail. Now, it is almost 10 o’clock at night. Strange much? Even with the big sunglasses you can tell she is keeping an eye on the guy, who is now back doing his patterns in the parking lot. You can tell she is watching him because her head moves everywhere he goes, haha.
The guy finally stops behind a car and puts out his cigarette. The car beside him is pulling out, he is in between the car pulling out and the car that is parked. The guy backing out probably didn’t even see the guy standing there. The guy finally moved an inch away from the tires before they got run over.
After the car left the guy went into the store and out of the store about 3 times before we starting leaving.
Hubby gets into the car and says, “Don’t you find him suspicious?”
I simply said, “yeah, well, duh.”
Hubby, “kinda weird for the lady to be wearing black sunglasses in the pitch dark.”
Me, “Well, yeah, but who knows.”
Meanwhile, Hubby continues watching them as we leave.

Do you ever people watch while you are out?

Just Thinking A Little


I have wrote 200 things that I thought about, followed, challenges, and just regular ideas. I didn’t realize I have wrote so much, haha.


You guys are what make this blogging experience worth it!


Maybe; I’m a Little Weird

I was discussing with a friend the other day about cleaning my house. I wasn’t ask her to clean my house, we was just simply discussing it.

She thinks that I am so tired of cleaning bc I do everything when I clean.


Kitchen – Wash the dishes, clean the counters, sweep & mop, take out the trash
Livingroom – Clean windows, wash off everything including entertainment center, and pick up (Also, have Jade help pick up her toys)
Hallway – Wash & dry clothes (even through all my other chores) & Vacuum
Jade’s room – I usually just let her clean her room. 🙂 If you are big enough to make the mess, you are big enough to clean it up.
Bathrooms – Clean the tub/shower/toilet, sweep & mop
Master Bedroom – Fold clothes, make bed, vacuum, clean mirrors and windows.

I don’t clean like this everyday, but when I do start cleaning it ends up like this. I have to start in one part of the house and work my way out. I even get the broom to get in the cracks where the wall meets the carpet. When I do things I want it to be right. When I clean I want it to be clean, throughout.
But, I hate cleaning everyday, so maybe it is a little much, but heck someone has to do it.

So, Am I weird?? What is normal when cleaning your house, and trying to watch over your child. Making sure she isn’t doing anything she doesn’t need to be doing (like taking a black dry erase marker and writing on the couch with it).

I do have this hanging over my door, so people can read it when they leave.

Six Word Saturday

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New Medicine means 5 pound gain!

So, I was put on medicine due to having 4-5 infections since the beginning of the year. They decided to put me on another antibiotic this month (I just got through taking another antibiotic last month). I have noticed during the time I am taking medicine that I am hungry, more than normal. I started craving foods that I haven’t had in over 6 months (Hot fudge brownies, and etc). Well in the last month I have gained 5 pounds! Sucks, right? I know. The demon in my kitchen that larks beneath me as I try to shoo him away. The cravings got so bad I was “smelling” the brownies, yeah I knew I had to do something, but I don’t know how long I can go on like this.
On another hand, it is not just the brownies, but it is now the fact that I have to take this medicine when I go to bed and I am OUT for 12 hours. There is no waking up to go pee, or waking up wondering what time the clock says, or if hubby got up to go to work, OH NO… I am out… ZZZZing for 12 hours straight.

Blah! New medicine… You suck, just so you know.
My tests for my ultrasound and other things all came back fine, but I still have to take the medicine for another 3 weeks… I am really debating on calling them to “switch” my medicine… I hate feeling drowsy!

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