Grinding Teeth

For a week straight I was grinding my teeth at night. I was grinding hard enough that it would wake me from sleep, chipping a tooth, or causing my gums to be sore. I would often wake up and run my tongue over my teeth to make sure they were there and have to rub my gums with the pad of my finger. Even when I was pregnant with Jade I would have to wear a mouth guard. Grinding my teeth doesn’t happen everyday, but it use to happen often.

After doing research I figured out that chewing gum during the day was causing me to do this. Who knew, right?

Chewing gum is one of the worst things to do. It puts extra strain on only one side of your jaw. So, be sure to chew on both sides, even with food. This provides balance to your jaw muscles.

I stopped chewing gum and haven’t woke up grinding my teeth in over a month!

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