27 Weeks

Gosh, it feels like I just found out that we were expecting, and now here I am 27 weeks. Where did the time go!?
(Don’t forget to vote on the Baby Name! It is at the bottom)


Sherbert Ice Cream
Hoop Cheese
Sour Cream & Onion Chips with Ranch Dip
Ice Cold Water or Sweet Tea

Weight: Well, I think I have gained some since last week! My belly is getting bigger.
Baby is still very active. We just watched him complete a wave over my belly.
The naps are back! I slept an extra 4 hours today
Still getting headaches
Sore throat and sinus pressure started yesterday
Still doing Zumba!
Braxton Hicks Contractions, mostly when I am on my feet for a long time
Back ache, it feels like I need my back popped
Saturday starts the Third Trimester!
Next Appt is Jan 21st – Glucose Test


While We Wait

Savoy finally decided on the name for the baby boy! He waited till I was at Zumba last Wednesday to go to Hobby Lobby and buy most of the letters. So, now we are slowly trying to get the rest letters from Hobby Lobby. I looked online and they don’t have the letters on there, so I hope it is not a seasonal thing. However, we are still missing letters to Reveal the Name! So, while we wait why not do a poll and see what you guys think? Don’t forget to vote!


26 Weeks

As you may have noticed I updated the blog with posts about my pregnancy. You can read about my pregnancy by clicking the  Categories over on the left side and scrolling down till you see Pregnancy. There is 15 posts in there that you can read, Happy Commenting and Reading, but don’t forget to browse around!

26 Weeks
MY BABY CAN SEE!!! Their little eyelids are no longer fused shut and they’re probably having their first moments of blurry sight as you read this. Also: they’re busy building their super-psychic powers as bazillions of brain cells.

Sweet Tea
Hoop Cheese
Oranges or Clementines
Grilled Cheese
Sherbet Ice Cream
Anything really.

Belly is itching
Baby is moving a lot, especially after Zumba or Just Dance on the Wii
Feeling Great!
Still having headaches, but I would rather have those than heartburn.
Acid Reflux
Not being able to get a full night sleep
Weight: I dunno. I never weigh myself unless I am at the Dr office
Movement: All the time! He woke me up this morning at 4am.
Exercising: Zumba is back to 1x a week due to Savoy going back to school.
I still have Just Dance 2 for the Wii though.

25 Weeks

Yesterday, I went through the day with a horrible headache, and stress due to a lady standing me up, wasting my time and gas. I did make up for it by heading off to Arby’s for a small fry and a water. I managed to get to Zumba, hoping that exercising would help on my headache, because at this point it wasn’t over powering, but I could feel it pounding lightly on the top of my head. At the end of Zumba I headed off home, to where Savoy cooked a pizza, I know, totally good for me right after working out, it was then, while eating the pizza, that I realized my headache was getting worse. I eventually had to make it to my bedroom, tears pouring down my face, as I turn out the lights and piled the pillows up in a form of a mountain and laid my head on them, while I sat on my knees. I figured that the baby might have been pushing on something in my back for me to have this everlasting pain in my head. Sure enough, within a minutes my headache was gone. I drifted off to sleep, but I will never forget that pain. It wasn’t a normal headache, Tylenol didn’t even touch it, and it wasn’t light or noises that made it hurt more, it was just there, intensifying. Needless to say, I am okay today.

Other than my ongoing headache yesterday, I have been feeling great! Other than the bloated whale feeling when pictures are being taking. Why is it some days I look great and feel great, but yet other times I look so bloated. I just hope when I get my maternity shoot that I look normal, or somewhat pregnancy normal.

Chocolate Milk
Butter Pecan Ice cream
Pecan Pie
Mac & Cheese
Black eye Peas
Sweet Tea
Mango/Passion Fruit Juice

Hip Pain
Sharp Pain shooting into my legs
Baby hasn’t been moving a lot lately, but more in the mornings
Shortness of Breath

24 Weeks

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

I did go to the Dr about the spots I have been seeing, and vast of other things that is going on and he said. It seems like the baby is moving around and when he gets to Breech position you lose it. Once he gets into this position my blood pressure bottoms and that is the hint of why I am getting all my symptoms. He told me to take it easy and if I feel like that again to sit immediately. Here is the thing, I haven’t had my spells since last week! Wooohoo! I will be taking it lightly during Zumba though.

Baby Name
I wish I could tell you guys what the baby’s name is going to be, but my hubs of mine is even keeping me in the dark! What is this!? I couldn’t even tell family at gatherings, because I have no clue and any time someone asked me I told them to go ask the Hubs (I am sure he enjoyed that)

Ack! My brain is like on over-drive with everything that we need. I have no clue on what to buy first, like where do you even start, you know? Okay, enough of catching up with my “normal” life, let’s see what I am craving and doing these days.


Apple Juice
Orange Juice
Mango Juice
How about Juice?
Sugar Cookies
iced Coffee
Mash Potatoes with gravy
Chili Cheese Fries (Why that, I have no clue)

Headaches are coming back
Baby is moving all the time (DD and Hubs even got to feel him!)
Measuring: 24 (how I went from 26 to 24, I dunno?)
Blood Pressure: 110/70
Blood Platelets: 14.2
Blood Sugar: 106
No Protein in Urine
Sleeping – exhausted! I could sleep all the time
Weight: 195lbs (.5 gain)

21 Weeks

These weeks keep going by so fast! Gosh I need the Pause button, just for a second! Lil guy is moving like crazy. My eating abilities are changing, I guess due to his taste buds coming in. I am doing pretty good I think. I am still kicking it with Zumba, and exercising at home. Anyway, back to the plan…

CHOCOLATE! Oh, how I love you!
Chocolate Fudge Pop-tarts
Cold Coffee (Starbucks)
Fries (now in ketchup, it was mayo and pepper till I almost lost my lunch)
Sweet Tea (Sprite went out the window)
Grits with cheese and sugar
Dill Pickle Chips

Headaches are back (booo!)
Crazy dreams, but that is probably due to watching Walking Dead right before bed
Fibroid Pain

16 Weeks

4 Months!

I know I forgot a week, but forgive this pregnant lady, because she has been sleeping, cleaning house, working on paying off bills, catching people to go out to lunch with, helping DD with homework, rounding up farm animals, and trying to take care of herself.

Fever Blister – Gone!
Headaches – 3 to 4 days outta the week
Eat what I want – I just can’t randomly pick something
Naps – Fatigue is killing me again!
Still having lower back pain – only if sitting for too long
Energy – Nada, Nothing, I just want to sleep
Urination has slowed – I can sleep all night!
No fluttering or baby moving yet. I did feel a slight something last weekend, but nothing since then.
Boobs are getting huge! (Hubs likes this)
Maternity Clothes have been a must for about a month
Sinus are freaking crazy! My allergies have always been bad, but now the wind blows and I sneeze. no joke.
Zumba has went down to 1x a week, I really need to start working out at home… I need energy?? I can’t find it though.
Shedding like a cat
Acid Reflux – only at night when I’m trying to go to sleep

Mexican Food
Sugar Cookies
Sweet Tea
French Fries in Mayo with black pepper
Caffine – I know, it is not good for ya, but omg! It is like magic in your mouth.
Tomato Sandwiches
KFC Mash Potatoes and Gravy
Mac and Cheese

With this being our second child, it is like our first. We are having to buy everything again; furniture, clothes, everything. When we moved 4 years ago to this 2 bedroom 2 bath, we never knew how long we would be here, or when we would have another child. So, most of Jade’s stuff was gave away, sold or disappeared somehow. I do regret it, but now we can have better, and bigger. We did talk to a mortgage broker and once some things are paid off, we can start looking for a house and getting the ball rolling, even though that might mean being 9 months, or having a newborn and moving but I know it can be done, and I have friends who will be willing to help, if needed.

And, again, I have no clue how I forgot week 15, but I guess I have been just so busy. My bad

6 Weeks

I went for my first Prenatal visit today. I was there 2 hours! Holy Crap, I know, right? I wanted to take a nap, and I still want to take a nap! The greatest thing is Savoy got to spend those hours with Jade, I heard they went for Ice Cream.

During my visit:
I got to weigh, I lost another pound, I am guessing due to sleeping a lot, pee in a cup, blood pressure, pulse, and wait.
I think I sat in the Office forever it seemed. I don’t even know how long I sat there. It must have been pretty long if they kept telling me they were sorry and so forth. Finally the Nurse Practitioner came in, got the history of my family and about me. Nothings really changed since 5 yrs ago, other than I have a daughter, but the girl was super nice. Even when her laptop died and we had to go over everything again. Then they moved me to a room, where the Dr, Nurse Practitioner and another lady had to watch over for my pap. That made me nervous, I kept wiggling my toes and the Dr was laughing, she said: “You’re wiggling your toes makes me laugh”. I returned with: “It’s my impatient toes”. She wants me to start taking another Prenatal Vitamin, and she prescribed some nausea medicine just in case I got nauseous, which I haven’t so far. We shall see. They wanted me to come in Friday, but with open house for Jade I postponed till Tuesday, that way she will be in school. So, Tuesday I get to see the Jelly Bean. I think I will take my Grandmother with me, just for support, and so she can be a part of this journey. When I was checking out, they wanted me to go across the street to get blood work done, and the place had locked its doors! The sign said 8-5 and I got there 5mins till 5, and Closed! Frustrating, because maybe if my appointment was a little rushed I would have got there in time. So, now I get to go tomorrow, with a 4 yr old, maybe I will wait till after her nap ;-)

They called me to tell me my prg (Progesterone) was very low. I am now taking 100mg Progesterone 2x a day till I am around 13 weeks. After 13 weeks the placenta takes over and I should be good to go, so COME ON 13 WEEKS. And they are wanting to keep an eye on things. The medicine makes me dizzy, so  I have to be careful with standing up, or sitting down. I am taking my Grandma with me, I wanted her to witness a miracle, but now I feel as though I could be stepping on ice and all this stuff could hit me smack in the face. She just lost her husband earlier this year, and I don’t want to put her through more pain than what she is already going through. I have been having cramps and a ton of pulling in my Abdomen. I am still exhausted but they say it is nothing due to my prg levels. The exhaustion is just because I am pregnant.

They done a Scan to see the baby, they called it a fetal pole, kinda like tadpole, but for a baby. The baby is coming perfectly along. 130bpm, about 4mm and you could see the yolk sack, who knew right? I don’t remember a yolk sack with Jade, but maybe I was further along? Who knows.
After the scan we got into a room. About 10minutes or so the nurse came and told us that the Doctor went to deliver a baby, so we sat in the room and waited. Good thing for technology and phones! Or we would have been one bored, lol.
When the Doctor came in she said that she was excited for the mom because she went all natural with a 9 pound baby! She said that the mother of the daughter , who just gave birth, said that she pushed out a 10 pound 3oz baby. The Doctor looked at us and said “I don’t think I would be telling people I pushed out a 10 pound baby out of my vagina.” I still laugh at that, but I guess some women have the power to do that, which I think is awesome. I on the other hand struggled with a close to 7 pounder lol.

I can still eat meats, go out to eat in restaurants, and feel pretty “normal” other than being fully exhausted. I did head on out to Zumba last night, gosh I miss it, and now I am only limited to 1x a week at the gym, which just sucks, Not because of baby, but because I don’t have a sitter.

Now I say, it is time for a nap. This Momma is tired.
I hope all of you are having a wonderful day!


Losing Weight

Oh my goodness!
I have started on my weight loss journey again! I have found a walking partner and doing Zumba on Monday and Wednesday nights! I am beyond excited for what the future holds of us! I have made an account on My Fitness Pal. If you are on there don’t be afraid to add me and we can motivate each other all the way! I am so glad I got my car back, now I feel free again. 🙂

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