Dear Followers

I am having a WP issue, and I can not see any of my followers posts 😦 I can if it is not through WordPress, like following an outside blog like Blogspot.

Any ideas? Because I have no clue.

So, I have not been ignoring you haha! I just can’t see anyone posting but outside the circle. Also, even those are not in order. It jumps from Friday to Monday back to last month, haha! 🙂

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  1. it seems everyone is having this issue 😦

    • 😦 It is making me miss posts. I had to go and change everyone to go to my email, so now I can check everyone out 🙂 hopefully, anyway.

  2. Bloggers “follow” widget has been playing peekaboo with me lately too. hopefully everything is sorted out soon….I find it hard to complain when it’s free 😦

  3. Oh, so it’s not just me. [sigh of relief]

  4. Good luck with that. We can still see YOU!

  5. According to my WordPress Reader, I am subscribed to exactly one blog–so it’s not just you! I can’t wait till they’ve gotten their buckets back in order.

    • Whew! Glad it is not just me! When I got to “Blogs I follow” everyone is there, but I have to go to each individual blog to see posts I have missed 😦

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