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*Blows the dust off*

Ya’ll, I am excited to come back. I am sure the friends I have met on here have all took many breaks as well. I know I sure did. Life has been extra busy, and I have enjoyed being able to let go and breathe.

This year, we have started in August with homeschooling our oldest. It was time. I have always been on the fence, and now I can finally say we made the best decision. She is almost a 12 year old, yep, we have TWEEN.

She has been bullied for two years, and I am sure she thought she was doing the right thing everyday for those two years. I can honestly say she tried every method to feel like she did the right thing, but her spirit was broken. She no longer enjoyed the things she use to, and now.. Now, she is back. She is smiling, she is becoming herself again.

We are using All-In-One Homeschool, Easy Peasy, we are enjoying it. I am able to lay out her subjects in Google Classroom, and help her remotely if needed. She can also ask questions in Google Classroom, so I am able to help her, and she doesn’t feel like she doesn’t know the answer.

Over the last few years we have discovered her ADHD, she is hyperactive, but inattentive. She struggles with staying focused, losing papers, so now I have a system in place where she has visual reminders her of what is suppose to happen and when. She is not 100% online, I do make her write. I also have notebook that incorporate her will to learn. It has the same questions as her Google Classroom, but this is so she can easily follow along.

She is was also diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. She doesn’t understand social cues, sarcasm, or other “hidden agendas”. Just have to be blunt with her for her to understand or follow anything. You have to set timers for chores, and redirect constantly, but we all are learning here.

In the upcoming days or weeks I will sharing with you what we read, where we go, what we do. I have a love to share memories, and encourage others to do what you think is best for your family. So, I hope to meet other homeschoolers in the vast of the universe, and build my “friends” again. I truly missed keeping everyone up to date.

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