Happiness is a Journey

Why is it when we want happiness these are the things we often look for/ask/want…

More Money
Special Someone
Own a Home
Lose Weight
Be Beautiful

However, usually people who have all of these things are not happy. No matter how much money, special people, promotions, homes, move to a better place, lose all your weight, how beautiful, how rich or how famous – if you’re not happy, then you are simply have no happiness. All the materials in the world couldn’t make you happy. They might help with your happiness for a few days, but then you will continue looking for something to be “better”.

Did you know that all the things above is only 10% of our happiness? Crazy, huh?

I have often heard “money can’t buy happiness” and I am sure you have heard this too.

Money is not a bad thing, just don’t depend on it to bring you happiness. The list does not have the power to make you happy, if you constantly go after the list to make you happy, you will not be focused on what actually does make you happy.

Happiness comes from you, stuff that you do have control over such as behavior, thoughts, and intentional powers. Whatever you give your energy to, and what goes inside of you, can power your happiness. The only thing you have to do is control your thoughts to make you happy, figure out how to talk yourself into happiness.

Every time you are thrown into a situation that brings you down, start looking into the direction that will make you happy. The decision is yours. Once you come out of the situation without being down then you will see you are in control of your happiness.

Another thing I have always heard is…
If you are unhappy without money, you will be unhappy with money.
If you are single and unhappy, you will be married and unhappy.

Going for things that you think will make you happy, you will lose the things that really make you happy.


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