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I get to fold clothes today!

I spent most of the day yesterday just washing and drying clothes. The house is a wreck since I took yesterday off to rest an awful headache from allergies. So, today is folding and putting clothes up. Only thing I wish is it didn’t take 2 hours to dry 1 load of clothes, really puts a pinch in forgetting that there is clothes in the washer. If you ever have forgotten your clothes in the washer, you have to re-wash them.. ughhh the never ending cycle.

So, off to fold clothes, if you would like to help just let me know hahaha! I am hoping to get the rest of the house cleaned to.. If you miss 1 day around here it looks like a bomb went off, especially in the kitchen. ~sigh~

Happy Saturday everyone!! Next week Hubby starts a new schedule at work: Monday through Friday, ohhh yeah! No more swing shift till he gets done with school 🙂 I am so excited!

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  1. oh the joys of folding clothes!ha.
    that’s exciting about your hubby 🙂

  2. I’ll fold any day rather than have to iron!!!

  3. Ironing and folding I don’t mind… laundry I detest. 🙂

    • I just don’t understand how Tinkerbell can’t come in and just clean up my mess, haha! Well, just the laundry mess.

  4. Wait, we’re supposed to fold them? I knew I was doing it wrong… Thanks for playing 6WS!

  5. Tinman

     /  August 21, 2011

    Funny, I don’t mind ironing (in fact I find it very relaxing), but I hate folding clothes, possibly because after all this time I am still really bad at it.

  6. I like folding clothes too. There’s something calming about it.

    • Especially when you are in your own room, on your bed, with the air blowing in your face and the little one is taking a nap 🙂

  7. a simple woman

     /  August 20, 2011

    visiting from 6-word Saturday. I have to say, folding clothes is not one of my favorite chores (that and unstacking the dishwasher). But it is always a good feeling when it gets done (and an extra good feeling when the house is clean too!)

  8. Laundry’s my favorite task. Plus, it’s amazing how many other duties My Beloved Sandra lets me skate on, as long as the laundry gets done. She hates it.

  9. Yes, I’ve forgotten the clothes in the washer and had to redo them..
    and forgotten the clothes in the dryer so they were so wrinkled they had to be
    rewashed. A little too long in dryer, sort of wrinkled, I had a small cotton towel
    I would get wet, wring out and it would have enough moisture to dewrinkle the clothes that needed “ironing” ☺.
    My best method for doing the laundry, was when I got married the second time, HE did the laundry and I made sure it was done correctly ! He was a quick learner and it worked out well. (My hours were long at my job … I was salaried to boot 😦 … and it was easier for him to do it since he had a “normal” job with “normal” hours.)
    Eventually you will need a new dryer…check out the features you want….I’m sure you’ll get a lot of hints this week…so when you go buy one, you know the features you want.
    Thanks for sharing.
    ☮ ♥. Siggi in Downeast Maine

    • With being a Stay at home mom/wife I tend to not give hubby a lot of chores, he does help when he can. Not only does he work full time he is a full time student as well. He does help with dishes, and clothes (some time). I thought I needed a new dryer too, however, hubby just thinks its the type of dryer it is, but I don’t know, seems a little long to be drying a load of clothes.
      Never heard about a cotton towel, I will keep that in mind! Thanks Siggi! You are so helpful.

  10. You don’t mind housework? What a great gal you are!

    • Actually I don’t mind, I know it has to be done. I really like cleaning, but my allergies dont. I don’t “love” it but I dont like breakdown in a fit because of it lol

  11. OH…don’t remind me!!! My hubby is gone and the folding is piling up 🙂

  12. I don’t mind, washing, drying, or folding the clothes..but I don’t like to put them away! Ha! We are all so different huh? (smile)

    Have a good Saturday!


    • ROFL! It is weird how we are all different. I like folding and putting up, but I totally forget about them when I am washing and drying.
      Hope you have a great Saturday too!

  13. 30 minutes! I’m not sure how long it takes the new one….not as long as the old, but I think longer than half an hour. Although, for ‘energy conservation’ it will stop for a bit, then go again, then stop, then go, etc. It’s as annoying as the beeper on the washer! I use my iPod timer for everything, lol. Mainly when I’m cooking because I’m still in the learning phases and I know the alarm gets my attention.

    • I so need to get me an Ipod, it seems that it would be able to fill most of my “needs” lol!

    • iPods are awesome! I got my first one by saying I needed it to study. This was a legitimate claim as I studied music in university and for exams would have around 8 hours of classical music to study and familiarize ourselves with so an iPod allowed me to put it all on there instead of my old disc-man where I could only put one CD on at a time. Then I could ‘study’ while on the bus and everything!

    • Nice! I could say I need it for cleaning the house 🙂 It will keep me busy as I sing along haha

    • Definitely! That’s the best way to clean the house, headphones or speaker, you decide. My Spanish teacher in high school used to clean to the CD of this dude named Juanes. I don’t know if he was Spanish or Mexican, but she used to play his music in class all the time and I wish I had that CD to clean to!

    • That is the best way to clean! You get it done, and you get to hear all your favorite tunes!

  14. I understand completely. Before my Mom got her new washer and dryer we would always forget there was a load in the wash. Now when finished it beeps every couple of minutes to let you know it’s done. It’s the most annoying thing in the world – well, one of the most – and you go get the laundry just so it will stop! Of course, if you’re busy with something else and you just turn it off then you’re back at square one….

    • haha! No doubt. We use to have a dryer that would dry a load of clothes in 30 minutes! Now it takes 2 hours.. sigh. Maybe I need a timer to help remind me that in 2 hours I need to get the clothes (should work? maybe)

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