Five Question Friday

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1. Did You Make Any Fun Purchases This Week?
Actually I did. I bought a umbrella for my table outside for $10.00! It is big too and even has a crank. I am so excited. On my To- Do list is to make a stand for it and also get some cement to put our table on in the yard. I have so many things going on and this purchase was amazing.

2. If You Could Go To Any Musical Concert, What Would It Be?
I would love to see Daughtry in concert. Anything great thing I would love to do is go to a Hillsong Concert.. more like a praise & worship things. It think it would be wonderful.

3. What Is Your Least Fav/ Most Fav House Chore?
Least favorite – DUSTING! My allergies hate it when I dust haha
Most favorite – Folding Clothes, or Washing Windows

4. Would You Prefer New Appliances Or Clothes?
Both? Right now getting either would be amazing. Getting new clothes is like Christmas and New Appliances is about the same. I pretty much enjoy and appreciate anything that is giving/bought for me. So, either one 🙂

5. Miracle Whip/Mayo?
Mayo please!

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  1. I love mayo!



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