Food Allergies vs Faith


I am coming forward to shed a new light on some things.

I haven’t talked too much about food allergies since my daughter was fighting for her life May 2012. Just because I didn’t talk about it much or throw statistics at everyone doesn’t mean I wasn’t praying for miracles, not only for my child but for every child out there battling their food allergies. I didn’t know much about food allergies till that dreaded day.

I didn’t know it could mean life or death within minutes of eating something or that I would spend so much time and energy researching things you have to do to make sure any food you touch was safe. I am not talking about just reading labels here. I am talking about the every detail of everything you do.

Did you know that half of the time you have to either call companies, or send them an e-mail to see what is actually in their food? You spend most of your time helping, or protecting your child. It is not just about companies, it’s also restaurants. Those times where you just want to go sit down as a family and have someone cook for you. After doing some research in our  town, we found that we only have two options for sit down restaurants: Cracker Barrel & Olive Garden. Even though recently, Cracker Barrel changed their menu, so I will have to contact  them before our next visit to make sure they are still food allergy aware, and if anything has changed.

Half of the time, we (parents of food allergy kids) just want people to ‘get’ it. It is life or death. How hard is that for people to understand? When you have a child who is sick  you don’t take them to the hospital for them to run around and play. So, why would I take my food allergy child to your birthday party and let her run around free of everything, when I have no clue what is there. I have no clue what is in the cake, the ice cream, and those donuts you decided to pick up and bring. So sorry if I come off being “overly protected”, I am just being a mom.  

Food allergies just happen. It is not planned out. It is not something that I would wish on anyone. Just because one day my child eats nuts, then the next day she is in the ER, doesn’t mean I am just going to go back to our way of life before. That ONE day changed our life, and we changed our life-style. It is a way of living, it can be restrictive but at least this is something I can battle. This is something I can manage.

Your next question could be about my faith. “If your faith is strong enough you wouldn’t worry so much. Let Go, Let God” Really? So, I should just throw that common sense God gave me right out the window and say “Run along Jade! I will watch you from here! Even though I saw you battling for your life, I just want you free-spirited. In the meantime, I will sit over in my corner and pray while you run free”

So, let me inform you about my faith.

My faith is loading my daughter up on the bus every morning for school. I don’t know what Sally has brought on the bus that morning. I don’t know if Sally is going to give Jade her walnut ice cream, or did Sally just saved her Nutella sandwich to share with Jade on the bus. Don’t tell me this can’t happen, because when I was in school I brought snacks on the bus. My ride was an hour and half, so of course, I brought me something! Who is not to say some little kid does the same? Why would a kid bring something so dangerous on the bus? The reason why is because to that child it isn’t dangerous. That kid is living the Free-Spirited life.

My faith is letting my daughter into a public school. A public school where they have no clue, nor have they seen a child go through Anaphylactic shock. The teachers and staff don’t know what to even look for if something happens to my child. I have to tell them the warnings signs. My faith is, for them to remember exactly what I told them.

My faith knows God can change this. My everyday prayer is finding a cure, finding a way to ‘fix’ whatever is wrong. And now my faith is really showing and do you want to know why? Because just today we found out that Jade might have outgrown her allergies, but that’s not why I have faith now. I have faith now because I am going to put her life in her Doctors hand. The Doctor is going to do a food challenge and feed her Walnuts. The Doctor and Nurses will watch her closely. I will be facing the devil head on, but I will not bow my head. I will push through because I know who has this, and it is not me. So, next time you hear food allergies think about everything it takes for that parent to push through everyday life. Don’t judge them; don’t start pointing fingers at them, because in my eyes they have the best positive outlook on life. For they know what true Faith is.



17 Weeks

Wow, this week just started out totally awesome! sarcastic voice, with a sweet, faded smile

Sleep Deprived
Constant pressure on bladder
Ear Pressure
Sore Throat
Feeling baby move more

Chicken Dressing
Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich
French Fries
Pecan/Pumpkin Pie
Welches Chillers Drink

I am so sick :-( I am coughing to the point of gagging. My nose wont open up, and my nose is constantly dripping. I have been dealing with my sinuses and allergies since the end of August and nothing seems to help. It seems like the more times I get this the worse off it gets. I will be calling the OBGYN in the morning, I am so exhausted because I can’t sleep. My throat hurts so bad, and the fan in our room don’t help, but if we turn it off we will slowly start to cook.

Nut Allergies with Vegetarian

Google Image

As most of you know my daughter tested positive for walnut allergy. We are a normal family that even grabs fast food when the mood strikes, which here lately has not been a lot. We took Jade yesterday for another check-up and the doctor told us “No nuts at all.” I even asked for additional nut tests and he tells us “there’s no sense in it”. Come on, right!? Wouldn’t any mom want to know if their child is allergic to other nuts? So, I think I will another opinion, but I think the answer will be the same, but I feel as though I should know…

After we get home I start doing research about nut allergies and found out that General Mills cereal contains Peanut flour; Chic-Fil-A uses Peanut Oil, and that we will have to read all labels.. not just for Ice Cream, but even bread and other vast of things.. crackers, canned vegetables, frozen vegetables, fruit bars, granola bars, all kinda of cereal.. The doctor told us it would actually be better to just do homemade meals, because really we never know what they put in their stuff, or if they just did a wash down after nuts. With wash downs, I found out, that they usually don’t get everything and you will then have a cross contamination of nuts. We have to find business who have nuts on a whole other process line or machine. I hope this makes sense to you, LOL

We also have learned that peanuts are a bean, but they are packaged with other nuts, so therefore e would have cross contamination with that also. Crazy right?! So, now back to basic cooking and homemade style – which in reality tastes better anyway. The next step is getting Jade into Pre-K and well aware of her nut allergy, before school starts in a few months.

On top of the nut allergy we think Jade is going to be a vegetarian. We will be getting blood work done to check her vitamin levels for B12, and her protein. Busy 2012 for us, but at least things will get better from here.

Here is a little snip from last night….

We were in the car to go grab a pizza from Papa Johns – which is a nut free business, Jade is in the backseat and Savoy and I are just having normal conversation about Jade.
Savoy and I were talking about the chickens and eggs.. in general, our chickens should be laying eggs soon, and yada yada then…
Jade: “Don’t eat Chicken, the eggs hatch! Don’t eat my friends.. Eat Fries!”

Savoy and I laughed all the way to Bremen. I looked at Savoys and said, “Well, I guess that answers that question”

Allergies, Oh My

Yesterday, Jade went to Nana’s while Hubby and I went to get groceries, and do a little bit of fishing. Hubby caught 2 Bass and I caught 2 Brim, even saw a lot of baby turtles. I was catching Brim off bread, who knew? The clouds starting rolling in, the thunder was getting closer, so Hubby paddled us to the truck. We loaded everything up on the truck and hauled off to get Jade before the rain started pouring down, making the boat 10x heavier than it should be.

Before we get to Nana’s, Jade took a bite out of a yogurt that wasn’t hers. Nana made her yogurt with Strawberries and walnuts and Jade’s without walnuts, but Jade took a bite with the walnuts and realized it, she started spitting out the walnuts, and instantly started crying. When we got there Jade was at the door saying “I got to the hospital, I need Doctor.” The storms were rolling in a lot closer now, as the lightning started popping outside. I told my mom to go ahead and give her some Benadryl, and when we get home I will see if I have anything else to give her.

We get home, Hubby unloaded the truck and I ran Jade inside. I took her temp and she didn’t have one, but I noticed her shirt was soaked, I watched her for a few seconds and realized that every time she would drool she cried. I knew then she couldn’t control her drooling, but I just figured it was allergic reaction, her body was just trying to get the walnut stuff out of her mouth. Hubby came inside, Jade walked up to him and I noticed the back of her legs were red. I told Hubby to check her out, he pulled up her shirt and yelled for us to get in the truck that she is now breaking out in hives.

On the ride to the ER I would ask Jade to count to 10 and 20, doing everything to keep her awake. I sang her songs, and made out the lightning strikes was a light show, saying “Ohhh pretty, did you see that Jade?” Every red/green light I would ask what color it was and what does it mean. She stayed awake for the 15 minute ride. When we pulled up in the ER I unloaded her and carried her in.

I didn’t even sign her in, they took her straight back for vital signs, checking her Temp, pulse, oxygen, weight, and etc. They put her in the waiting area and told us that she was the 2nd to the next one to go back into a room. So, we take her to the waiting area and I tried to get her to talk to me, but she didn’t want to. I looked at Hubby and told him to check her tongue, which is when we realized her tongue is swelling. So, back to the front desk nurse I go. She waved us to come on back.

They put Jade straight into a room, hooked her up to a pulse and oxygen reader. They brought her crayons and the nurses stayed with her, they were so good to her and laughed, and talked about how smart she is. Once the Doctor came in he said that she had a systemic rash, a very high allergic reaction that had to be from the walnut and he said it didn’t matter that she spit it out, shes allergic to it and its a severe case. Once the Doctor left the nurses came in with juice and stickers. After about 30mins they gave her an epi shot, steroids and Benadryl, then sent us home.

So, long story short… No Walnuts for Jade.

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